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How much would you like your home to look like celebrity homes? Will you opt for fabulous looking celebrity home designs, like something out of a fashion magazine? Do you know why and how Hollywood star homes look so elegant, gorgeous and so picturesque? The celebrity homes are not only the utmost in creature comforts but look fabulous and great because they use only top-quality materials and products. The celebrity house interiors use solid, strong and bold color schemes throughout that will suit and compliment the stars and their looks. They use only those styles, finishes and materials that are in vogue and in style with classic and custom-made furniture with creative lighting to create a dramatic and stunning look.

Celebrity home designs focus on clean-cut, timeless and classic lines while decorating home interiors. Rich brocade, damask curtains with artistic tiebacks, minimal but exquisite and original art work – like paintings or sculpture, deep, lush and soft carpets, and fresh flowers in beautiful vases – give an uncluttered look of serenity and elegance. Lighting – like accent lighting, track lighting, focus lighting – plays an important role in enhancing the glamor and dramatizing the decorative pieces. Whether Hollywood star homes or Bollywood star homes, top-notch designers are employed to do the interior decorating. There are some famous Hollywood star-wives who are successful interior decorators having decorated some beautiful Bollywood star homes. When comfort and fashion are perfectly blended as in celebrity house interiors – done by an expert decorator, you have star homes – celebrity homes!

Magnificent, Glorious And Luxurious Celebrities Home Designs

What makes a celebrity home different from other house? Whenever the   word celebrity is used, it accounts for something special. In order to maintain the celebrity image, they feel blessed and proud in everything they do. Extravagant scenes are created around their surroundings to make them feel a distinctive personality. They are very curious even [...]

House Of James Bond: Lavish Swedish Villa Besides A Lake

If there is someone who knows how to live in style it surely is James Bond. After looking at one of his most beautiful and lavishly designed houses below you would have no doubt of where does James Bond spend his free time between movie shoots. This house is in Sweden and one of the [...]

Hollywood Actress Demi Moore Apartment Interiors

Hollywood celebrities homes are one of the most viewed images on the internet and hence we thought of adding a few of them for our prestigious members. Shown below is the lavish apartment design of one of the top most celebrities of Hollywood and an amazing actress Demi Moore. The house has been designed to [...]

Hollywood Celebrities Homes Worth Drooling Over

Everybody loves to look at celebrity homes to see how their favorite stars live in real life and what their favorite things are. Each celebrity is unique in his talent and each has his/her own likes and dislikes. Each of the celebrities has his/her own inimitable life style. Likewise each celebrity house is distinct and [...]

Twilight Star Cullen’s Lavish Home Interiors

How will you like to live in movie set like homes? We see some beautiful villas, palaces and homes with lavish home interiors in popular movies and are delighted to see most luxurious fittings, furniture and furnishings. Posh and palatial looking homes with designer furniture, softest of the carpets, silk and sensuous drapery – it [...]

Nightingale House Design by Marc Canadell

A luxury home naturally cost a fortune to build. If you are going to spend as much as several million dollars and more if need be, then it must be customized to your liking, your needs and dreams. Many celebrities generally play a role in designing their homes – much to their excitement and thrill. [...]

Celebrity Homes At Beverly Hills

There are some elite areas in every city where celebrities generally want to live. There can be any number of reasons for one particular area – say like Beverly Hills – to come up as the trendiest and most posh place and the number one choice of celebrities of every kind. Every celebrity residence there [...]

Hollywood Actress Julianne Moore Apartment

Have you ever visited a celebrity home? A celebrity home boasts of luxuries and features that pamper your senses at every turn. These are designed by master craftsmen and constructed without any monetary budget restraints. These are created with just one aim of pleasing the owner and creating something that is unique, exclusive and unparalleled. [...]