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Marvelous Modern Home Design

Contemporary style is essentially modern in design and classic-line looks. A spacious looking perception is achieved by optimum utilization of the space available. All features are aimed to bring more light into the room and give an airy and light filled environment. Large size living areas with open kitchen and dining areas are generally found. [...]

Beautiful Looking House – Most Elegant Interior Design

There are innumerable houses we see which are outcomes of intelligent home decorators – in magazines, on internet and in glossy catalogues builders give us from time to time. Only a few of the houses look effortlessly elegant, making us yearn to own such a house for ourselves; everything planned to perfection, neatly done up [...]

Modern Modular House Design on a Cliff Top

Located on a cliff top overlooking the ocean below Altamira residence is a modern modular home design consisting of independent modules. The modules include the main house, guest house, library and garage. Though they are independently built structures, together they look connected through their exterior design. Altamira house is an award winning single family home [...]

Modern Luxury House Design in Manhattan Beach

The modern luxury house with magnificent shining exteriors covered by Mangaris wood and matching staircase is designed and built by the architect designer Steve Lazar. A small stream of water flows on the riverbed stones side by side the wooden staircase. The three story modern house is built using Japanese wood Mangaris. This is his [...]

Energy Efficient Modern House Design on a Picturesque Site

Glen Echo house design is one of the modern houses at Glen Echo Enclave, Maryland. The house is a single family house with built up area of 8,000 sq feet on a 1.7 acres big site with plenty of mature hardwood trees overlooking the Potomac River. Glen Echo is one of the posh suburban areas [...]

Modern Luxury Waterfall House Design

The waterfall house, located at Buenos Aires, Argentina, designed by the award winning architectural firm Andres Remy Architects, is an incredible amalgamation of nature with architecture. A man made waterfall is incorporated in the house design. The gushing water falls into a pool below. The indoor pool visually merges with a small lake at the [...]

Geometric Shaped Creative And Contemporary Home Design

Traditional home designs have four exterior sides. If your property has a beautiful scenic view, a geometric home design with more than four exterior sides, for example pentagons or octagons, can offer a better all encompassing view of the scenery outside. Geometric home design coupled with contemporary interiors gives a dramatic effect to the property [...]

Lavish And Luxurious Modern Home Design Theme

A distinguished approach to rejuvenate the outlook of your house and to make it more attractive is to select some modern home designs. Home decors include various items extending from appliances to furniture. Most of the people love to choose the modern home decors either to decorate their living rooms or bedrooms.  Home design is [...]