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There are a lot of small home design options to make a small apartment look streamlined, uncluttered and roomy. An open-floor kind of plan is the favorite from amongst many popular small house design ideas. Very few full walls, or at best half-walls and more open, flowing and connected places can make a small apartment look airy, open and large. With formal living and dining rooms out of question, combining living and dining area into one open big area integrated with kitchen will avoid unnecessary walls, verandas etc. Tiny areas apportioned as kitchens can best benefit from innovative small house designs like kitchen islands with built-in hobs, sinks, storage shelves. Sleek kitchen islands can double as counter-height dining tables with bar stools for dining seats.

Small home designs call for pre-planning at design level for storage options; storage in the living, kitchen and bathroom areas. Wall built-in storage shelves are best to stash away things without giving a cluttered look. Minimalistic and stylish contemporary furniture can be ideal for making the most of small home design ideas. Small home decorating needs again planning and careful selection of display items. Floating shelves can help in small home decorating saving precious floor space. Built-in entertainment TV consoles, wall-built-in bedroom dressers and bathroom vanities can give sufficient storage areas as well make the most of the available floor space. A huge mirror can benefit small room decorating adding to the existent space. A small apartment can look chic and elegant with clever designing and wise planning.

Convert Garages into Gorgeous Home Extension

Many of us today have big cars and small garages and most of the times the cars stay out in the porch. Why not use the garage space instead of using it as a dump area for unwanted things? More people are realizing the worth of an extra room that can be obtained from the [...]

Luxurious And Spectacular Island Home Design

The island house designed by WRB Architects is located on an island in the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden. This waterfront cottage set among the beautiful natural surroundings is a vacation home for a young family with children. It is a small rustic cottage home half hidden behind the pine trees built on a 150 sq feet [...]

Small and Compact House Design with Tasteful Interiors

Good home design is about creating a safe heaven where family flourishes among safe and secure environment. Is this possible on a tight budget in a highly populated street with closely built small houses? Here is an example of such small house design that is simple and elegant; and efficiently utilizes every inch of the [...]

Small But Innovative And Stylish Forest House Design

Here are the pictures of a minimalist forest house located at Tellada, Spain. This house is located in thick woods of North Western Spain. The Spanish architectural firm Rosales & Crecente Architect designed the house with a theme of natural harmony. The wooden house design won the award of Juana de Vega. Foundation of Juana [...]

Elegant And Luxurious Small House Interior Design Ideas

Living in a tiny and small home does not really mean that it should look like a small house. Some small houses are even designed in the luxurious manner with two floors and some even with a basement in it. However, few are constructed with bedrooms, kitchen and washrooms at the corner with the living [...]

Small and Modern House Design in Tokyo

A single family home is so different from an apartment in many ways. A house, even a small one – will have a living area, kitchen and sleeping area along with utility rooms. Many flats can be half the size of the houses. Just one room all in all with wash area. There are some [...]

Floating Houses Interior On Lake Union

What is a floating house? Is it same as living on a ship or boat? Floating houses or floating homes are residential structures where people live – only not on land but on water. All 365 days of the year, owners manage to live in the floating home and enjoy living there finding it a [...]

Modern Home Design with a Low Budget

Low budget modern homes can be a boon for many aspiring house owners who have a tight budget. These are contemporary small homes – small houses with less floor area. It can be an apartment – small in size but with all conveniences. If you have a large size garage or barn like structure, you [...]