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Exotic Entryways for Elegant Home

Entryway is the first place that hits the visitors when they come to your home. If it is beautifully done, it sets the tone of your home and prepossesses the visitor about your home décor. A warmly lit entryway with elegant looking furniture, furnished beautifully with accessories and rugs can be a beautiful prelude to […] Read more

10 Carpet Trends to Inspire Your Floors

Tickle your toes with these popular carpet trends. From designer to utilitarian, there are as many types of carpet as there are personalities. The top trends combine cutting-edge style, high-tech functional features and, in some cases, eco-friendly aspects. Choose from any of these ten trends in residential carpet that are inspiring and easy to install […] Read more

Safe Tip: When Do I Need to Call an Electrician?

If you’re coming up against electrical problems in your home, you might be wondering which jobs are safe to tackle yourself and which require professional attention. Rather than risking your personal safety, read our guide to figuring out when you should call an electrician. Problem: Flickering lights Sometimes a loose bulb can cause lights to […] Read more

Curtains in Cool Blue Combinations

Curtains are accessories that are both functional and beautifying. Every room can benefit from some kind of window dressing. You can use blinds, curtains or shades. Each of them has its own advantages and attractions. Basically you can have pencil pleat curtains, tab top curtains or eyelet curtains to choose for your windows. Pencil pleat […] Read more

Creative Front Door Designs

When you’re thinking about the design of your home, the front door should always be one of the first things you think about. The main entry way of your house is one of the first things people see when they look at your home and in many cases, a good front threshold will your ticket […] Read more

Amazing Drapes For Improving Interiors

It’s no secret that windows help to guide your eyes through a room. The window coverings that you treat your windows speak volumes about your personal style. If you are looking for a way to transform the look of a room, but you don’t want to completely change around your room’s setting, try upgrading your […] Read more