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10 Carpet Trends to Inspire Your Floors

Tickle your toes with these popular carpet trends. From designer to utilitarian, there are as many types of carpet as there are personalities. The top trends combine cutting-edge style, high-tech functional features and, in some cases, eco-friendly aspects. Choose from any of these ten trends in residential carpet that are inspiring and easy to install […] Read more

Gorgeous Flooring with Carpet Tiles

Floors are large areas of our home which need to look good and which can add a great deal to the overall beauty of the home. You have a wide variety of choices for your flooring with a stupendous range of color and texture. Formerly wood – hardwood – was used mostly as the most […] Read more

Leather Tiles to Add the Touch of Luxury to Your Home

Make a fashion statement with leather floor tiles. Tile flooring is no longer restricted to laminate, granite, wood, or marble today. You can have the choice of a variety of unconventional materials like cork, bamboo and glass to pick from. One such material is leather. If you would like a luxurious and durable option for […] Read more

Carpets And Rugs For Warm Feel Of Home

With weather turning cold, carpet is welcome to our feet for warmth and comfort. A Carpet can make a great lot of difference in how the room looks! Getting a floor covered with a thick plush carpet wall to wall can be a wonderfully efficient way to provide insulation that can make a great difference […] Read more

Carpets And Modern Rugs For Interior Décor

Once you have finished your interior decoration with beautiful furniture, door and window curtains, elegant wall décor and artefacts, ample and well-placed lighting, you can check on area rugs or modern rugs for the floor. Wall to wall carpeting is one choice and area rug use is another choice. Both add distinction in their own […] Read more

Italian Ceramic Floor And Wall Tiles By Refin

Ceramic wall and floor tiles are becoming a better option of flooring because they are very easy to maintain, long lasting and add a beautiful effect to the room. Refin is an Italian manufacturer famous for ceramic floor tiles with some amazing concepts and new designs in their showroom. They have divided their range of […] Read more

Great Flooring options of classic wood and stone

Spacia is a collection of classic woods and stones primarily used for exquisite flooring. Spacia Contour is an unique alternative natural stones. The designs are stylish, rich, practical, hard wearing and easy to maintain. These products are suitable for all areas of the home. Get some great inspirational ideas for your flooring from these images […] Read more