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Safe Tip: When Do I Need to Call an Electrician?

If you’re coming up against electrical problems in your home, you might be wondering which jobs are safe to tackle yourself and which require professional attention. Rather than risking your personal safety, read our guide to figuring out when you should call an electrician. Problem: Flickering lights Sometimes a loose bulb can cause lights to […] Read more

Beautiful Lighting for Brightly Lit Kitchens

There are many reasons to make kitchen lighting a very important décor aspect. Today people are ready to make their kitchens prettiest and most beautiful by giving it a great amount of natural light, ambient light from chandeliers and target light from other light sources. A well-lit kitchen is a safe kitchen – safe to […] Read more

How Lighting Can Affect the Mood in Your Home

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed that your mood instantly changed? Many people feel unhappy in different rooms in their homes but are unsure of why. The simple truth is that lighting can directly affect your mood. Different lighting aspects can cause massive mood changes. Here is a look into what types […] Read more

Creating Moods with Unusual Lamps

Every room surely needs light but lighting plays a role more than that. It can change the atmosphere of a room more effectively than anything else. A brightly-it room projects a positive and cheerful mood, while dim lighting can be romantic and relaxing. That’s why , lamps are used beyond just ensuring adequate light in […] Read more

Mark Tremonto Freely Hanging Carbon 451 Lamp

Why do we need accent lamps or decorative lamps? When there are enough lighting fixtures in the home for providing enough ambient light and enough task lights to provide area or task specific lighting, strictly speaking, we do not need any kind of additional lighting. Why need special accent lights that cost a bomb sometimes? […] Read more