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A beautifully done bathroom design is more of an essential than a luxury item in every home. Even when bathroom is not very spacious, innovative small bathroom ideas are aplenty on the internet and interior decorating magazines for making it beautiful and functional. High-quality fittings, aesthetic furnishings, sufficient storage options and efficient and optimal lighting are important aspects of bathroom designs. Always check out for the quality of material and whether bathroom decor complements the home decor. While planning your bathroom designs, check out for eco-friendly and energy efficient options like skylights for extended daylight, solar powered water-heater and LED lamps, recycled countertops, bathroom floor tiles and wall panels. You should opt for water-saving choices like dual-flush/low-flush toilets, waste-not taps with aerators, and immediate replacement of leaky faucets.

An essential component of small bathroom designs is getting a gorgeous bathroom vanities with enough storage option. A large-size bathroom mirror, couple of bathroom cabinets and well-lit interiors are effective decorating ideas for making it look spacious and roomy. Bathroom ideas can include bathroom accessories with functional and luxurious non-slip bathmats, gorgeous looking double layer shower curtains with wipe-clean inner layer of plastic curtains, matching bathroom window curtains and functional shower caddies. When you think of bathroom designs, small and beautiful plant holders with live green plants is very popular. Lovely looking fresh flowers brings a touch of spring inside. Ensure that the bathroom tiles & bathroom accessories are complementing the entire vanity decor and blend harmoniously with each other giving a beautiful and elegant effect altogether making it a restful and relaxing bathroom.

Artistically Beautiful Bathroom with Designer Tiles

Today all homeowners are keen to have a decorative and luxurious looking bathroom. Minimalist in design is yet popular, but people want luxurious looks and lavish feeling in their bathroom. They do not want drab looking or dingy like bathrooms any more. Whether small or big, they want the star quality they see in high [...]

How to Plan Your Bathroom Remodel

Aside from your kitchen, your bathroom is probably the most frequently remodeled room in your house. The average bathroom remodel costs a homeowner $15,782 and adds only $10,295 to the home’s value at resale. If you want to enlarge your bathroom or include spa-like amenities like a Jacuzzi tub, the cost goes up. That’s why [...]

Beautiful Shower Cubicles Add to Bathroom Decor

Shower cubicles are long-term investments and if you have chosen wisely, you may have a beautiful and durable cubicle that will give you long years of service. But before making a purchase, you need to check out whether the cubicle you have selected is the right one for you and your bathroom and you will [...]

Attractive Vanities Adding Color To Your Bathroom

With the wide choice available of extremely simple but elegant looking vanities to most elaborate and expensive vanities, your bathroom can best benefit from a vanity with storage space. With homes becoming smaller, bathrooms need to be planned and designed better with enough storage space right within the bathroom and leave less visible clutter. Vanities [...]

Luxury Vanities And Classy Bathrooms

Bathrooms are personal comfort zones and you cannot compromise about the quality or about the décor of your bathroom. Getting it right the first time when you are planning your home is the easiest way to get the best bathroom the way you have want which look quietly elegant and beautiful. But you can also [...]

Three Easy Steps To Update You Bathrooms

If your bathroom is looking a bit tired and could do with a makeover, you may think you’ll need to set aside a lot of money to cover the cost. I don’t think that’s completely necessary though, as there are some simple things you can do that will bring life back into your washroom without [...]

Luxurious Bathrooms A Must Have For All Of Us

The kind of luxurious bathroom that was available in top notch spas and five-star hotels has now become a thing of reality in many of our homes. People have started realizing that more than 50% of the happy times spent in star hotels are because of the luxury of the bathrooms there. Also they saw [...]

Bathroom Furniture: How Styles Have Changed

Now we are all aware that it is no longer stylistically acceptable to have an avocado or peach coloured bathroom suite, which have, quite rightly, been relegated to the realm of the kipper tie and flared trousers. But with so many thousands of bathroom products design ideas being created each year, staying on top of [...]