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How to Plan Your Bathroom Remodel

Aside from your kitchen, your bathroom is probably the most frequently remodeled room in your house. The average bathroom remodel costs a homeowner $15,782 and adds only $10,295 to the home’s value at resale. If you want to enlarge your bathroom or include spa-like amenities like a Jacuzzi tub, the cost goes up. That’s why […] Read more

Attractive Vanities Adding Color To Your Bathroom

With the wide choice available of extremely simple but elegant looking vanities to most elaborate and expensive vanities, your bathroom can best benefit from a vanity with storage space. With homes becoming smaller, bathrooms need to be planned and designed better with enough storage space right within the bathroom and leave less visible clutter. Vanities […] Read more

Luxury Vanities And Classy Bathrooms

Bathrooms are personal comfort zones and you cannot compromise about the quality or about the décor of your bathroom. Getting it right the first time when you are planning your home is the easiest way to get the best bathroom the way you have want which look quietly elegant and beautiful. But you can also […] Read more