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Don’t you think bedrooms are the most important rooms in our home, where we retire to rest and relax? We spend an astounding amount of time in bedrooms – not sleeping only but recouping from day-to-day troubles and turmoil. Is it not then essential that bedroom designs suits the individuals who are using it in a way to complement and complete their way of life and personal characteristics? How to know what suits us most?

Types of bedroom design styles
You know how exciting and interesting it will be to know different styles of bedrooms and explore bedroom decorating ideas what may appeal to the inner person in us? The most common and popular styles are: Classic, Contemporary, Minimalistic, Modern, Tropical, Asian, Mediterranean. Check what makes each style unique and choose what calls out to you!

Classicelegant, traditional and soothingly symmetrical
Classic bedroom design style continues to find favor with comfortable solid looking furniture like roomy four-posters in hardwood in classic style or well-crafted brass/metal bedsteads; neutral wall decor; elegantly coordinated sideboards, coffee tables – all not perfect matches but still look well put-together; deep comfy mattresses and fine-looking sheets; beautiful yet functional accessories. The arrangement is always symmetrical, soothing and aesthetically pleasing.

Contemporaryharmonious, textured and beautifully balanced
Contemporary bedroom design is all about what is in style today, but creating harmony in the bedroom, how to balance things while designing. But balancing does not mean flat-looking or uninspiring decor. It is to aesthetically juxtapose a rough texture with a smooth texture to bring out the unique beauty of both. Contemporary is to set off a classic traditional artifact on a modern display table harmoniously yet giving a refreshingly different look.

Minimalisticessentials only yet maximizing comfort & Spartan
Minimalistic bedroom style restricts decor to just basic elements of comfort – nothing elaborate or flowing but sleek lines and planes; aesthetically arranged to give an uncluttered spare, lean and clean look. Mostly using white wall decor as backdrop, with non-complicated bedroom designs, stark simple accessories – few, functional, focused and selected, minimalistic is austere chic!

Modernhappening decor, vivid colors, funky furniture
Modern bedroom designs incorporates bright and latest ideas, exquisitely designed furniture, with clean-cut lines, using new techniques, new materials and new combination. Revolutionary concepts like cardboard furniture, glass countertops, and PaperStone panels – all find a place in modern style decor rewriting new interior decor history. Modern design is sophisticated chic!

Tropical & Asianmixture of flamboyance and minimalistic, colorful and simple
Tropical & Asian bedroom designs can combine all the special elements that define natural, woodsy and open-style elements. You can achieve a minimalistic yet elegant look with a Japanese influence, or go flamboyant with Indian/Chinese silks and lacquered wood items. Use bamboo, cane and rattan in furniture, window treatments and even flooring. Feng Shui themes are quite popular as well!

Mediterraneanluxurious and classic, indigenous and elegant
With sunny climate, Mediterranean bedroom style is famous for white stucco exteriors and warm, balmy interiors. With olive – rich woodsy terrain influence, green and earthy hues are popular and classic, traditional but trendy furniture and beautiful, cherished accessories typical of seacoasts and marine life.
With so many to choose from, think of what you like best and what suits you best! Happy designing and decorating!

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