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Children’s room design needs to be something light and casual. This will be the room where the kids can study, relax, play and bring their friends with a touch of pride and ownership. Try to ask for kids’ suggestions while you are exploring kids’ room decorating ideas. A kid’s room decor can be focused either around the bed or his working/computer table-chair. A Canopy bed may be a good idea if possible. Kids just love the idea of privacy and seclusion offered by a canopy bed. Boys love sports, military and camping type canopies. A canopy bed with sheer baby pink drapes and laces with roses, butterflies and fairies decor on the walls can make a beautiful baby pink girl’s room.

Kids’ room decor needs careful planning and a good amount of research. Especially if they are a little grown up, boys’ room ideas and girls’ room ideas can differ vastly and it will be challenging to do the children room design when shared by siblings. Ask for each kid’s room decorating ideas and their likes and dislikes. Start the kids’ room decor with a muted or neutral wall decor and then ask the kids to personalize their own side with his/her favorite posters, wall decals, wall stickers etc. Boys’ room ideas may focus on sports, military theme and may be keen to do the wall decor and display their collection without any frills etc. But girls’ room ideas may be all lace and flowers, colors like in baby pink girls’ room.

Adorable Wall Decals for Kids Room

How can you make your kids’ rooms look interesting and pretty? Do you think it is better to paint the walls and add appliqués or designs on it? If you are using paint, you should make sure that the paint does not contain any toxic substances that may create a health hazard. Maybe adding wall [...]

Funky And Stylish Teenager Study Furniture

Kids spend long hours studying every day. Having a dedicated study area helps them to focus better. So don’t you think her study area should be comfortable but also stylish? Well to do that you must pay attention to the kind of furniture she uses. Whether your child has a study room or a special [...]

Enchant Your Child with Amazing Fantasy Beds

Mundane décor for your child’s bedroom can be so boring. With a little imagination, you can convert his space into a fun and exciting world. There are a number of ways to brighten up your little ones bedroom today – wall decals, interesting furniture, wall accessories and so much more. Fantasy or themed beds are [...]

Types Of Children’s Beds

You might be surprised at how specific your child is when it comes to choosing their new bed. Most have a very good idea of what they want, even if they’re not sure exactly what the bed style is called. Children’s bed ranges are extensive, with some that appeal to the very young, and some [...]

Cute Pink Bedroom Design For Teenager Girls

Once your little daughter moves into her teens there is a lot of care and pampering you would need to do. It is the most delicate period of their life and you need to be careful and take good care of them. It is an age where you bring in the romantic sense into her [...]

6 Cute Heart Themed Bedroom Ideas For Teenager Girls

If you are in the process or planning to design the décor for your children’s bedroom, spend a little time on the different elements in the room which can thrill your little one. Pretty themes like flowers, fantasy & princess and feminine colours like pink are popular with girls. Decorating your little girl’s bedroom in [...]

Creative And Funky Teenager Bedroom Design Ideas

Keeping basic decor simple is always easy and wise in the long run. When you are making over from an old look to creative and latest trend and vibrant and vivid colors, settling for kids’ furniture in a classic yet contemporary style is the best idea. If you or your kid is keen for the [...]

Kids Bedroom Interior Design For Small Rooms

Small rooms need not look boring congested rooms – especially for your kids’ rooms. Whatever the limitations there may be about space availability, you can still create a bedroom for kids to help in fostering your kids’ creativity and thirst for knowledge. Kids’ room is not just a place for them to sleep and dump [...]