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Kitchen is the hub of your home. A perfect picture of home starts with well designed kitchen. A comfortable kitchen is well-planned, intuitively-designed and professionally-decorated. Small or big, a kitchen should look spacious, well-stocked, be comfortable to cook meals, allow happy, intimate family eating times, and cater well to party times when friends and visitors arrive.

Important aspects of kitchen design
Do you realize that most of the expensive electrical appliances you buy are housed in the kitchen? No wonder it is extremely crucial to have a well-planned kitchen layout and suitable design so warmth and comfort from kitchen radiates to all the rooms in the home – making the home happy and harmonious and your family hale and healthy!

What type of kitchen are you having?
Design features depend largely on layout/plan of your kitchen. You may have galley kitchen, double-galley kitchen, L-shape kitchen or a U-shape kitchen. Depending on available area, kitchen designs can be designed. Kitchen cupboards, cabinets, shelves, kitchen counters, kitchen islands and dining table/chairs – all need to be accommodated depending on your kitchen layout.

What are popular kitchen designs available?
Some popular styles are: Traditional Style, Country Style, Contemporary Style, Modern style and Transitional style.

Traditional style kitchensroomy, classic and eternal favorite
If you have your own home and spacious kitchen, you can enjoy traditional style kitchen. Big, spacious cooking counters, with lots of well-crafted solid wood cabinets, shelves, counters etc – made of hardwood like oak and cherry – and furniture made of again hardwood. Bright shiny looking hardware like brass adds to the elegance. Wide open windows, and pastel wall decor will make it look cheerful and huge.

Country style kitchensinformal, comfortable with rustic charm
Country style kitchen has simple design – made bright with tiled floors, brick wall decor, gingham curtained windows, open kitchen; cabinets, shelves and cupboards designed more for comfort than for looks. Mostly wooden furniture with rugged looks and long lasting; wall decor can be white or pastel and will look informal and simple.

Contemporary Style Kitchensfunctional, efficient and comfy
A kitchen furnished in contemporary style will be comfort-centric with functional and light-weight furniture made of acrylic, polycarbonate or steel. Cabinets, islands, counters and shelves are made from engineered wood products or recycled products adding to the elegance of the decor. Wall decor is mostly pastel and functional with a dash of color to enliven!

Modern style Kitchenefficient use of space, simplicity
A modern style kitchen can be called minimalistic in that it will have fuss-free furniture – maybe modular. With cabinets with latest features like built-in lights, and easy-to-maintain kitchen counters and island countertops, it looks sleek and sophisticated. Cabinets, shelves etc will have glass doors and simple elegant finish. Rather than wall decor, backsplash may bring a touch of color.

Other popular choicestransitional style kitchen, Asian style kitchens
Other choices are transitional and Asian style kitchens. Today Asian style is achieved with incorporating teak wooden furniture, and teak finish in the cabinets, shelves etc. Windows are mostly left open. The transitional style happens when contemporary and traditional styles are happily blended.
Whatever is your choice of kitchen style, professionally designed and well furnished kitchen can add great value to your home!

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