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Lovely Media Furniture

TV has become an integral part of our life. Right from catching news headlines to interesting trivia on latest flicks and hottest celebrities, TV has become the most essential entertainment provider in our homes. Though people are building separate media room and entertainment room in their homes separately if they have a big house, TV […] Read more

When a bed just wont do

Fashion is not something which is restricted just to the garments we wear. It encompasses all aspects of our lives and various fashions come and go in how we ‘dress up’ our homes, the way we prefer our rooms to look and the furniture we choose to have. So, while in the past home-owners looked […] Read more

Stylish Look with Smart Staircases

Do you have a multi-storey or duplex type home? Today lofts have become popular way of making small areas more comfortable and stairs are important functional features who also contribute greatly to design and beauty aspects of your home. Stairs connect from a lower-level to an upper level of residence – which may be bedrooms, […] Read more

Chic And Colorful Chaise Sofas

Chaise sofas can be great additions to your home as accent chairs or regular sofas. A nice comfortable place to snooze in the day time, chaise end sofas are great favorites as living room furniture. Called as sofa chaise lounge, sofa chaise bed, and chaise end sofa – this is a one stop solution when […] Read more