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Designer Bedroom Wardrobe And Furniture Ideas

Bedroom cupboards are for organizing your clothes and accessories like handbags and jewelry and sometimes even expensive foot wear. If you have a big enough bedroom, you can have a separate jewelry armoire that can be kept under lock and key. Most people have a wardrobe in their bedroom in addition to a closet as their bedroom furniture.

Both closets and wardrobes basically cater to the same need – that of storing personal clothing. A walk-in wardrobe or closet is bigger in size with basically same kind of features – closet rods for hanging up suits and coats and enough shelves to store all your clothes in an organized manner. Drawers and lockable shelves for storing jewelry are additional features. Most of the wardrobes have adjustable shelves and pullout hanging small rod frames so that you can have bigger space for hanging clothes or for bigger shelves for stacking up folded clothes according to your needs and fancies. Some designer wardrobes have bottom drawers fitted to store their more expensive designer footwear.

Today most of the units are with built-in mirrors and built-in light options on the doors or on the inside door and even at the back of hanging space for immediate and easy viewing before stepping out of the bedroom.
Calling for creative kind of storage, wardrobes are made to match the bedroom furniture and with additional features like built in lights sliding doors, swing out shelves and smaller organizers for makeup kit on the inside of the doors for ease of access and use. If you are not strapped for space, separate alcoves are used for creating a wardrobe that will house your complete clothing, accessories including handbags etc. Wall supporting kinds are most popular – wall to wall shelves, as freestanding wardrobes can take up precious floor space.

Here you can see a good collection of wardrobe designs from Misura Emme. The wardrobes designed offer roomy and well planned interiors for holding all your dresses and accessories and look streamlined and elegant from outside. You can have a choice of shelves and hanging options as well built-in lights, and mirrors inside and outside. Open type shelves are available for additional storage . Fitted with normal hinge type doors and sliding doors, these wardrobes are great additions to your bedroom. Available in off-white, white and elegant sable shades, they look perfect matching the décor of the bedroom effortlessly.

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