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Distinctive Looking Decorative And Illuminated Mirrors

Mirrors are important accent accessories that can add beauty to every room. Whether you are using it in the entryway or patio, in the living room or dining area, in your bedroom or bathroom, mirrors create a look of spaciousness and opulence making sure that your home has a sophisticated elegance and beauty. Mirrors enhance your décor in multiple ways. There are many ways a mirror can add to your home décor. Apart from helping us to attend to our dental care, hair care, other personal grooming tasks and getting dressed elegantly, mirrors are also accessories – accent pieces that create a magical opulence. Mirrors reflect light that falls on them and the reflected light imparts a new added shine and glow over and above enhancing what is present already in the furniture, upholstery and other furnishings.

Illuminated mirrors create more shine and glow to the surroundings because they have their own illuminations which add to the light falling from natural and other artificial sources. Most of the illuminated mirrors are high-quality mirrors with reflected ambient light that creates a magical effect overall with a halo like effect around the mirror.

Having a good size wall mirror in your living room is a good idea – especially if you are making it the focal point of the décor. An illuminated glass mirror can make a good wall décor option creating an accent focal point pulling the living room décor well together in a happy and harmonious blend. In a well lit living room, this can add an additional glow reflecting ambient light.
What are shapes and sizes, frames and lighting options that are available in the market? There are a variety of frames available – wooden frames, metal frames, bamboo and wicker frames, and other acrylic and fiberglass frames. But generally metal frames are the best frames for mirrors. Finely handcrafted frames add to the allure of the overall effect greatly. You can have a variety of finishes – like golden, silver, bronze, copper and brushed nickel finish that can give an antique look to the mirror.

Here are some extraordinary looking illuminated mirrors from Alchemy Glass & Light . Designed by the owner artist, Steven Weinstock, these mirrors feature fragmented pieces of glass in a pattern that creates a corona-like halo around the mirror when lit. This can make a great style statement either as a bathroom mirror or in your master bedroom spectacularly.

Illuminated And Frosted Glass Mirrors

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Illuminated And Frosted Glass Mirror Designs

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Illuminated And Frosted Glass Mirrors

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