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Top 6 Rich Lavender Bedroom Decor And Designs

A Lavender bedroom designs can be light and smart so that it could suit to be a couples bedroom design instead of a “girly” one because but obvious a bedroom is mostly a place for a couple and not only a girl. You can make a beginning with a neutral room and then add just a spot of color that is still soothing. To make lavender bedroom or purple bedroom designs you have to be very careful and choose the right blend of lavender or purple color. If you do not want to overdo it first try by using lavender or purple for only few ways. May be only have lavender or purple bed sheets and pillow covers for your bed to see if you like the feel and look of it. If it does attract you then you could go ahead painting you bedroom walls purple or lavender or you could even go in for a lavender bedroom wallpaper. If that too makes the room attractive enough then you could use it for more objects or other pieces of your bedroom furniture. First paint the walls taupe; your husband can’t argue with that right? Then add in classic wood furniture that has a little rustic flair to it helping create a soothing ambiance for your bedroom designs.

You can add color like magenta, lavender, purple to the room as simply and as inexpensively as getting lavender bed sheets and covers. This will just bring in a seductive hint of your favorite color. Then put a dried lavender floral arrangement on your side of the bed; lavender claims to have calming aromatherapy properties. It might even help you sleep better while adding color to the room. Keep the comforter basic like white or chocolate brown for balance. To make your bedroom design as comfortable as possible small tips work the best.

Let us know how the experience was of designing your bedroom with lavender or purple shade. If possible do share with us images of your bedroom and we would be happy to share it here for comments from other people. Shown below are 6 different designs of purple and lavender color bedroom designs from over the world.

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