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Gracious Looking Table-Chairs For Dining Room

Dining rooms are where the family members gather for eating and spending quality time together. Kitchen counters with bar stools may be today’s idea of eating place on the go for a busy housewife who juggles office and house at the same time. But nothing can beat the comfort and heart-warming satisfaction of eating at a well-appointed dining table. It is true that most of the small houses and studio apartments do not have enough space for huge dining tables of prior times. But with choices of expandable dining tables on the market, we can have formal dining tables that need not be space hogging. Also today small-size bistro style dining tables are available which can be fitted in a tiny corner.

Beautifully carved wooden dining tables were the norm yesteryears. Huge solid wooden tables with hand-carves legs and matching chairs in teak, rosewood, walnut or mahogany were normally used. Even today full-wood dining tables with unique pedestal details and matching chairs are available or you can enjoy a wooden base table with a glass top that looks eclectic and beautiful. Glass topped dining tables have gained popularity after state of art glass tops, fibreglass tops and other acrylic tops have made transporting and maintaining glass tables easy. These glasses and glass-look-alikes are shatter proof, scratch proof and pose no problem for accident prone households with children and pets.

Gone are the days when only particular style of dining chairs and furniture sets were used in every room of the home like traditional, modern, classic or minimalist etc. Today in contemporary and eclectic kind of style, people mix and match effortlessly furniture of one style with another in a harmonious and seamless blending that has a unique charm of its own.

Here are some beautiful dining table-chair sets from Payless Furniture. Look at the petal-like glass-topped table with sunset-yellow chairs. Won’t you love one of these in your home? And the wooden dining table looks classic and elegant with a unique looking pedestal. A different looking table top is the stone finish top which goes very well with the pale green flooring!

I am sure you like some of these tables. These dining room furniture like the metal frame round glass topped table with black upholstered chairs are truly amazing. Don’t you think you would love it for a breakfast nook in your kitchen? Check out and take your pick!

Wooden Based Fibre Glass Topped Table

wooden based fibre glass topped table


Wooden Based Fibre Glass Topped Table

stone finish topped table set


Rectangular Glass Topped Table

rectangular glass topped table


New Design Pedestal Table

new design pedestal table


Modern Designed Glass Top Table and Floral Chairs

modern designed glass top table and floral chairs


Glass Topped Round Table Chair Set

glass topped round table chair set


Dining Table with Chairs with Matching Glass Shelf

dining table with chairs with matching glass shelf


Beautiful Table with Unique Looking Pedestal

beautiful table with unique looking pedestel