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Create Cozy Corners In Your Kitchen with Breakfast Nooks

Kitchen is often known to be the heart of the house – a popular place for family to gather, not only for family meals but also to simply relax. In case, your home doesn’t have a separate dining section, they are very useful as eat-in-kitchen furniture as they are compact and utilise only a corner space. They make your kitchen even more inviting – Breakfast kitchen nooks are a perfect hang-out place.

Simple Printed Brown Curved Nook Set

simple printed brown curved nook set

Breakfast Nook sets are multi-functional furniture that consists of a table and either chairs or benches situated in a corner of the kitchen. They are ideal as a second dining area if you already have a dining room. The nook makes family dining warm, convenient and intimate. Not only that, they double as a place for kids to study, as a home office or to enjoy family activities like board games.

Vibrant Peach Nook Set with Storage

vibrant peach nook set with storage

There are several important factors you need to consider while choosing the breakfast nook set. If your kitchen has a window, consider keeping it beneath or near it to make it a delightful bright spot. Keep in mind the dimensions of your kitchen while choosing the size– it needs to fit in with the overall proportions of the kitchen.

Pretty Standalone Nook Set

pretty standalone nook set

Ideally they are placed adjacent to the kitchen, or in one of the corners of the kitchen. The choice of the table also depends on the shape of the chosen corner. You can pick a rectangle or round table but ensure the size is such that there is space to pull chairs in and out.

Lovely Cream Nook Set under Window

lovely cream nook set under window

Also important to bear in mind are the size and age of your family. If you have small kids, then low-height benches rather than chairs are helpful. On the other hand, you might choose on chairs with a glass table if you expect it to be a place for you and your friends. If you want extra storage space, choose benches. You can store kitchen linen, extra supplies, small appliances etc. under the benches in your nook set.

Elegant Leather Nook Set

elegant leather nook set

The decor and furnishings are next – depending on how your kitchen and neighbouring rooms are furnished, choose from wood, metal or even leather. Design your nook set in the colours of your kitchen across the tiles, furnishings and furniture. Here are a few wonderful examples from the German company, Schoesswender that you can check out.

Lovely Cream Nook Set under Window

curvaceous blue nook set

Compact Corner Nook Set Shades Of Brown

compact corner nook set shades of brown

Chocolate Beauty Nook Set

chocolate beauty nook set

Nook Set For Cozy Kitchen Design

nook set for kitchen

Modern Kitchen Nook Set

modern nooks set kitchen

Modern Kitchen Nook Set

kitchen nook set

Glass Table As Breakfast Nook

breakfast nooks glass table