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Attractive White Free Standing Book Shelf

Book shelves are attractive accessory furniture that can grace your living room or media room. Formerly all big houses used to have a big library and also each room also used to have a storage shelf for keeping books. Books were inseparable companions for many people. Books were the most prized possession before the advent of home entertainment options like TV. But when TV and home theater options got very popular, people read books less. But now again books are becoming popular and people are collecting books eagerly. Book shelves are now part of the living room décor and living room furniture and maybe in media room. Children are devoted to comics and action books, and hence a book case in kid’s room can be a good idea.

Formerly mezzanine level was almost reserved for library and book storage. Living rooms with high ceilings had segregated areas for wall supported book shelves and had a balcony wrapping around the book shelves that can be reached with wooden steps and step ladders. Librarians used to spend years cataloging the collection and indexing it for ease of use. Today people still search for good looking book shelves to stack up their collection. Depending on the number of books, some use the display shelf to stack up books as well display their collectibles and curios. But who have more books devote shelves exclusively for keeping books and making it look pretty and nice to add to the décor of the living room.

Keeping books need not look boring or uninteresting. You can introduce new ideas while you display the books. How can you make an art of displaying books? By using some strategies while you are stacking up your books, you can make it kind of a décor focus in your living room. You can artistically arrange books interspersed with decorative items and other curios in a kind of symmetry and orderliness. Do not cram books indiscriminately and bunch it together in a haphazard manner. Create a sense of balance overall with alternating books and display items. And do not keep them cluttered and tightly packed. Arrange the books after sorting out according their subjects, different heights, their jacket colors, thickness and covers. Leather bounds deserve special place!

Here you can see stunning looking modular shelves from Arie. Made of solid oak, these will look great in any room and add to your home ambiance.

The shelves shown below are a great way to decorate your home. They are unique, easy to install and very attractive. They are composed of a single shelf of size 25mm joint together with more similar shelves to make a structure that would please you. They are made of solid oak and white powder. This book shelf concept is useful to create storage space of the size or style you desire. This single piece of shelf is called as Arie and besides being practical it also has a minimalist look and is very easy to install or dismantle. It creates a free standing decoration item for any room.

Attractive Book Shelf Placed On Corner Wall

attractive book shelf placed at corner

Attractive Book Shelf Living Room Decor And Storage

attractive book shelf main decor living room

Attractive Book Shelf For Living Room

attractive book shelf living room

Attractive Free Standing White Book Shelf

attractive book shelf free standing

Attractive Designer Book Shelf

attractive book shelf desinger look