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Gorgeous Looking Fabrics for Furnishing Your Home Beautifully

We are always on the lookout for lovely and attractive furnishing fabric for use as curtains, draperies, cushion covers as well as upholstery purposes. Furnishing fabrics make the décor look more opulent, richer and bring out the structural beauty of a well-manufactured classy-looking sofas and chairs making the entire room wholesome and sophisticated. Many a time reupholstering may be a costlier option when you see full furniture sets may be available for the money you spend on reupholstering. But if you have a beautifully designed well constructed good quality sofa frame, you may like to reuse it and when upholstered by an expert, this will be a better looking elegant sofa set with an assured long life and good service.

High-quality fabrics play a very important role in our selection of the furniture. The color and print/pattern are the two aspects that hit us in the view and predispose us in favor of or against any upholstered furniture. The first look many a time that makes us like a sofa or a chair may be because we fall in love with the upholstery color or print. As buying a chair or a sofa can be a major expenditure, you need to spend time effort and time to plan about your purchase. As a sofa/chair will stay with you for some years, and you may have to live with it for the next few years, impulsive purchases are not really advisable and any sale or bargain should be scrutinized well before accepting it.

Good sofas/chairs are going to cost their worth as a sturdy well-made core frame cannot be made of cheap plywood or particle board. Likewise you need good quality filling. And lastly you need great looking fabrics that are tailored to perfection. All these three are essential for that well-finished excellent looking sofa/chair which will make you proud of your purchase.

Here you see some beautiful looking Indian-inspired furniture upholstered with Tiku collection from Villa Nova Co. Woven fabrics in decorative sophisticated metallic accents bring the furniture alive and vibrant. Hope you like them!

Teal Upholstery and Brown Drapery

teal upholstery and brown drapery


Red, Mauve and Brown Bold Colors

red mauve and brown-bold-colours


Long Sofa Upholstered In Nut Brown

long sofa upholstered in nut brown


Floral Print Upholstery and Cushions

floral print upholstery and cushions


Floral Prints in Brown and Green

floral-prints-in brown-and-green


Beautifully Upholstered Seat with Cushions

beautifully upholstered seat with cushions