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Modern and Lavish Wall Units For Living Room

Living room interiors are challenging and interesting places for decoration. You have to make the room look warm and welcoming to the guests, and at the same time ready it for the multiple ways you are going to use the living room. Here is where you will receive guests, fit up your media appliances, display the curios and collectibles and store the books also.

Big size homes are easier to plan and decorate as you are not strapped for place. You can go ahead and buy your dream of a sofa set and coffee table. Get a beautiful and plush rug or a carpet to match the wall décor. Ask the carpenter to build some classy hardwood wall units, display cases and china cupboards. Get some beautiful master pieces of art and curios for display. Once you are through with getting classy lighting fixtures, you have got your dream interiors of a beautiful house.

But when you have a small house you have to plan every inch of the room. Modern homes or apartments are small in size with equally small size living rooms. Here the first priority is to measure the spaces where you want the display shelves to be constructed. The ideal living room wall unit can be a wall supported unit or floating shelves that look sleek and sophisticated.
Living room design can influence the position of wall units. It is ideal to have the wall unit along a longer wall so that you have a larger wall unit that can serve as entertainment centre, book shelf and display shelf. A combination of low hung TV armoire, open floating book shelves and shelves at both ends can look nice, chic and utilitarian as well.

The beauty of using modular wall units is you can extend it when you like it without altering your living room furniture setting. These pretty wall units act as focal point pulling the décor together very prettily. Here you can see images of some lavish wall units from Regolo Wall Unit collection created by Jesse. These unique wall units are wooden wall units in various finishes perfectly matching the rest of the living room furniture. The white wall unit is set off every elegantly by the black and striped rug and looks really sophisticated and great.

Regolo Stylish And Lavish White Sleek Wall Unit

regolo white sleek wall unit collection

Regolo Stylish And Lavish Unique Wall Unit

regolo wall unit collection unique

Regolo Stylish And Lavish Extended Wall Unit

regolo extended wall unit collection

Regolo Stylish And Lavish Enclosed Wall Unit

regolo lavish wall unit enclosed tv

Regolo Stylish And Lavish With Library Wall Unit

regolo library wall unit collection

Regolo Stylish And Lavish Wall Unit

regolo sleek wall unit collection

Regolo Stylish And Lavish Wooden Wall Unit

regolo wall unit collection

Regolo Stylish And Lavish Sleek Wall Unit

regolo wall unit collections

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