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Hot Water Beach House by Steven Lawson

All of us just love the smell of sea and feel of sea breeze. A seaside home can be a dream home for anyone of us. Just think of a life away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Away from the pollution of traffic and frantic pace of fast life. A cool and calm day can look so inviting – enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

A holiday beachfront house can be a good investment – especially if the seashore is not congested but private and peaceful. It can be a beautiful retreat to which the family can go together and enjoy a great relaxing and rejuvenating holiday. Enjoying your own beach and peace, going for a short exciting trip in your own boat – all sound ideal components of a beautiful time spent peacefully. Beach front houses are great places to live when the weather is fine. As befitting a luxury home, the neighbors may be miles away, but still you may not be all alone in summer. But winter times and rainy seasons may be a little challenging. Sudden squalls and storms may make moving out of the home problematic and hazardous. Sometimes you may even miss the bustle and bright lights of the city.

Contemporary house designs are best for beachfront houses. Due to the constant moist breeze, metal furniture and fittings are not great options for a beachfront house. Metals may rust too soon and salt in the atmosphere will erode the fittings also definitely. Wood is the best choice for beachside homes, inside and outside. Hard wood can stand up to the rigors of seaside living. Even as wood is a great choice for boats and ships, ocean front house décor is best served by wood. Wooden flooring, wooden wall panels, wooden furniture and wooden counters and cabinets – an all wood home can be the best for oceanfront house. Hard woods like cherries, oak, walnut and teak stand up to the saline air and sharp rains.

Here are some images of an ocean front house in New Zealand. Designed by the renowned designer Steven Lawson, this home is in contemporary design with beautiful wood décor. It has a great wraparound veranda. Long running glass panels protect the garden from sudden squally weather and winds. Hard wood wall cladding with cedar for interiors and exteriors and gorgeous oak floors make the room look absolutely great!

Steven Lawson’s Designed Beach House Lawn Area

hot water beach house 1

Steven Lawson’s Designed Beach House Kitchen Dining Area

hot water beach house 2

Steven Lawson’s Designed Beach House Backyard Area

hot water beach house 3

Steven Lawson’s Designed Beach Lawn Area

hot water beach house 4

Steven Lawson’s Designed Beach House Exterior Archihtecture

hot water beach house 5

Steven Lawson’s Designed Beach House Exterior Design

hot water beach house 6

Steven Lawson’s Designed Beach House Interior Living

hot water beach house 7

Steven Lawson’s Designed Beach House Passgeway Interior

hot water beach house 8

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