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Lavish And Luxurious Zen Beach House Design

Here are some pictures of a simple yet beautifully built beach house on Bainbridge Island. Sandy waterfront can be accessed from the backyard of the house. It is ideal for kayaking, swimming or long walks on a beach. The sleek house design surrounded by Cherry trees and a field of wild flowers gives the house Zen like quality. Plenty of birds such as kingfishers, woodpeckers, heron and eagles are found in adjoining open space and salt water lagoons.

The Zen house is designed and built using progressive architecture concepts. It was featured in Seattle AIA exhibition and was praised for its progressive design. Tongue and groove Cedar is used to build the exteriors. Cembonit panels and waterproof sheets are used for healthy air circulation within the house. A parapet surrounding single membrane sloping roof gives the illusion of flat roof. Entire house has sliding doors and bamboo floors.

Main entrance made of clear fir doors of narrow reed glass leads to a narrow hallway. Hallway has slate flooring and walls made of Cembonite panels. At the far end of the hallway free floating concrete staircase draws the attention as soon as one enters the house. Immediately left to the main entrance there is a meditation hall with floor to ceiling windows. To the right there is a European style Powder Room.

Living room has also one entire wall made of floor to ceiling windows. These windows offer breathtaking view of surrounding nature, clouds and waterfront. In between the windows, there is a see-through Propane fireplace fixed in a tall column.

Kitchen of the Zen house is sophisticated, designed with black granite and maple cabinets. The kitchen is fully equipped with stainless steel sink, oven, grills, burners and overhead hood. There is a small pantry and a breakfast counter made up of granite slabs. The kitchen opens outside in a sheltered patio with a herb garden.

Bedrooms are upstairs. Geometrically designed sleek staircase leads to the upper level. Master bedroom has peaceful view of surrounding nature. It opens in a private deck that is ideal for relaxing. Both the bedrooms share His and Her bathroom. Both the bedrooms have ample closet space.

Interior decor of the entire house is quite simple. Bamboo flooring, sliding doors, breathtaking view of water and surrounding nature offer peace of mind and natural meditative state of being. It is a blessing to live in such a serene environment.

The Zen House Design

the zen house design

The Zen House Main Entry

the zen house main door design

The Zen House Bedroom Design

the zen house bedroom design

The Zen House Living Room Design

the zen house living area

The Zen House Kitchen Design

the zen house kitchen design

The Zen House Serving Counter Design

the zen house serving counter design

The Zen House Surrounding Space

the zen house surroundings