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Traditional And Heritage Cottage House Design

Juniper house is a small cottage house design with a built up area of 50 sq meters, located in Gotland Sweden. It is used as a weekend holiday house. It is set among the grove of tall ever green juniper trees as a glade. The entire exteriors of the cottage are clad by a tailor made screen of net vinyl cloth printed with the pictures of juniper trees. The screen is supported by a galvanized steel frame erected at a distance of 40 centimeters from the walls. So, it looks as if the cottage mirrors the surrounding beauty. Juniper house is an excellent example of landscape architecture. It is an experiment of innovative architectural design. There are a few small houses in the neighborhood.

The cottage was designed as a response to the Gotland Authority’s policy of not to let modern house structures spoil the landscape. The cottage is designed and built in such a way that it is barely visible among the grove of juniper trees. The cottage is built with floor to ceiling glass windows and walls. From inside the house you get the feeling of living among the nature. A wooden façade connects indoors with the outdoors. It is treated with turpentine, linseed oil and tar. The walls of the cottage are insulated with mineral wool. Flooring is made of concrete plates. Flat roof of the cottage is covered with tar paper.

Interiors of the cottage are not separated by concrete walls. Glass doors and glass partitions are used extensively in house design. Kitchen is centrally located and serves as living area. Sitting area, dining area and kitchen are in the same space. The sliding glass doors from the kitchen open in a terrace leading to a small yard. Master bedroom is separated from living area by a curtain. Low placed windows, glass walls and partitions offer fantastic view of outdoors. Interiors of the cottage are done in white and white pigments are used in Ash wood flooring and along with that the Ceiling and walls are also white. The kitchen has a wood burning stove from early 20th century. Sofa with white upholstery looks as if designed by an amateur and Drawing board stand is used as a base for dining table. Dining table top is assembled from the ash wood and dining chairs are classic 1950 Y-chairs designed by Hans Wegner. Juniper house has so much to offer in terms of sensual experience which makes it very refreshing and rejuvenating to spend a weekend here.

Cottage House Design Winter

cottage  />house design</b> winter

Cottage House Design Walls and Screen Distance

cottage house design walls and screen

Cottage House Design View from Inside

cottage house design view from inside

Cottage House Design Surroundings

cottage house design surroundings

Cottage House Design Steel Structure for Screen

cottage house design steel structure

Cottage House Design Snow

cottage house design snow

Cottage House Design Screen

cottage house design screen

Cottage House Design Night View

cottage house design night view

Cottage House Design Lounge

cottage house design lounge

Cottage House Design Front View

cottage house design front view

Cottage House Design Dining Area

cottage house design dining area lounge