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Beautiful And Stylish French Chateau Design

French Chateau house design was inspired by the Renaissance movement. It originated in the Loire Valley, France and was popular from 1400 to 1600 in French countryside. French chateau homes are monumental country homes built with limestone or bricks on asymmetrical plans with elaborate details. Key elements of French Chateau are highly pitched roofs with broken roof lines, facades with many planes either protruding or recessing and stucco leading to the interiors. Windows are generally divided by heavy mullions. Keystones and quoins are featured in architectural details.

French Chateau with intricately detailed towers and spires looks like a castle, grand and magnificent spread over huge expanses. French chateau home designs are favored for country estates, holiday resorts or villa resorts. Rich and wealthy people choose to build them as suburban enclaves also. French Chateau has magnificent looking entrances and soaring staircases, huge living rooms with stunning hearth fireplaces, stately dining rooms leading to garden courtyards. It may contain a separate media room, den, breakfast nook, gourmet kitchen, exquisite master suite, nanny quarters and you can add as many rooms as you wish. French Chateau is a style statement for those who live there life king size.

In French Chateau style interiors, most of the furniture is crafted from solid mahogany wood. Antique style furniture with hand carved details fits very well in stately interiors. Hand painted French furniture in muted color have a timeless look. They are elegant, high quality and chic in dreamy light color palate. French Chateau featured here has elegant and cozy atmosphere. The furniture is upholstered in silk with wooden frames and carved legs. The bedroom has exquisitely carved mirror, sleek and elegant looking dressing chair, stuffed bed, sofa and solo chairs. Accessories include chandelier, lamp shades, candle stands, pillows etc. Recessed lighting above bedstead illuminates the bed. Living room space is divided by pillars in the wall and a beam overhead. Living room doors opens in the garden outside. Formal dining room is designed in royal style. There is a study with stone fireplace and iron grills. The house has plenty of accessories in every room. Wall paintings, lamp shades and chandeliers give beautiful dream like look. Ornate candle stands are placed in every room. All the furniture is upholstered in satin and silk. Drapes are heavy velvet in dark shades. Vaulted ceilings, wood paneling on the walls, intricately carved cabinets and arched doors make the house look warm and comfortable. The house is suitable for a big family with lots of socializing. The French chateau has stately elegance and welcoming feel.

French Chateau Design Swimming Pool

french chateau design swimming pool

French Chateau Design Study

french chateau design study

French Chateau Design Living Room

french chateau design living room

French Chateau Design Dining Room

french chateau design dining room

French Chateau Design Den

french chateau design den

French Chateau Design Bedroom

french chateau design bedroom

French Chateau Design Bar

french chateau design bar

French Chateau Design

french chateau design