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Modern Luxury Villa Interior Design Located In The Heart Of Spain

Casa Son Vida 1, located at Mallorca Island, Spain, designed by the tec Architecture and Marcel Wanders Studio is a state of the art, ultra modern, ultra luxurious futuristic villa. The house design is outstanding; it looks bold and beautiful, outrageously glamorous among the Mediterranean neighborhood. It is a villa for the next millennium. Mallorca Island is a famous tourist place in Spain, famous for its beautiful and exotic beaches and parties. Its population includes young and adventurous affluent new generation. The villa is located near Palma, the capital of Mallorca. Palma has beautiful luxurious properties, most of them are designed in Mediterranean style. Mediterranean homes have old world charm, a timeless rustic feeling. They look as if they have been there for ages. Among the neighborhood villa Casa Son Vida1 looks outlandish, almost poetic with its curved futuristic design. It looks lively and cheerful among the colorful box houses.

Casa Son Vida1 is built using sustainable materials in modern contemporary style. It has large open spaces indoors and outdoors. 8,500 sq feet of luxury villa design do not follow conventional norms of traditional architectural design. The house is designed with plenty of curves in structural design. It looks as if a spacecraft has emerged out of the ground or just landed on the Earth. The interiors of the luxurious villa are very unconventional and modern, done by the Marcel Wanders Studio. This is their first international residential project. Most of the exteriors and interiors are white. There is a gorgeous swimming pool designed in dark blue color. White stairs from a curved structure leads to the swimming pool. White deck chairs on the blue deck look amazingly inviting.

As soon as we enter the villa there is a huge exotic looking sculpture in the main hall. Walls are white with colorful accent wall art. Dining area has a beautiful black chandelier hanging on a black dining table and chairs. Next to it is a funny looking robot type figure. Kitchen is huge and designed in very artistic manner. Kitchen looks sleek and stylish with centrally located kitchen counter. Shining black cabinets, sparkling white floor and walls create contrast. Living area is huge, enclosed by curved walls, curved glass partitions and ceiling windows. In living room also there is a robot like figure and a white tree shaped sculpture. Curved red sofa is used as an accent in entire white interiors.

Corridors and halls have gold pillars; and bright and bold patterned walls. Same pattern extends to the floor carpets and at places to the ceiling also. Entire villa is designed in black and white. Gold is used as an accent in bedroom and corridors. Silk cushions with bold patterns are used as accent in hall sofa. Bedroom looks elegant with white bed on a gold embroidered bed frame. Accent wall is also designed in gold patterns. Master bath and dressing area are equally stylish. The modern luxurious villa has its own style and elegance. It looks grand with signature furnishings and unique interior design.

Modern Luxury Villa Design Wall Decor

modern luxury villa design wall decor

Modern Luxury Villa Design Swimming Pool

modern luxury villa design swimming pool

Modern Luxury Villa Design Bedroom Spa

modern luxury villa design spa

Modern Luxury Villa Design Mini Hall

modern luxury villa design sitting area

Modern Luxury Villa Design Shower Wall Decor

modern luxury villa design shower walls

Modern Luxury Villa Design Nightview

modern luxury villa design nightview

Modern Luxury Villa Design Mini Hall

modern luxury villa design mini hall

Modern Luxury Villa Design Master Suite

modern luxury villa design master suite

Modern Luxury Villa Design Living Room

modern luxury villa design living room

Modern Luxury Villa Design Kitchen

modern luxury villa design kitchen

Modern Luxury Villa Design Hall Sculpture

modern luxury villa design hall sculpture

Modern Luxury Villa Design Dressing Area

modern luxury villa design dressing area

Modern Luxury Villa Design Dining Room

modern luxury villa design dining room

Modern Luxury Villa Design Bedroom

modern luxury villa design bedroom

Modern Luxury Villa Design Bathroom

modern luxury villa design bath

Modern Luxury Villa Design

modern luxury villadesign