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Small and Compact House Design with Tasteful Interiors

Good home design is about creating a safe heaven where family flourishes among safe and secure environment. Is this possible on a tight budget in a highly populated street with closely built small houses? Here is an example of such small house design that is simple and elegant; and efficiently utilizes every inch of the space available. It is built with sturdy but inexpensive building materials and has tasteful interiors. The house is located at Camperdown, a heavily populated Inner West Sydney suburb. Inner West is a working class suburb in Sydney, Australia. Camperdown consists of old warehouses, terraces, modern apartments and some simple small houses. It is close to Sydney CBD and universities. As a result academics and young professionals have shifted here. They have renovated old, simple houses to suit their lifestyle.

The owner of the small house featured here wanted to renovate his house located in a street that is peaceful and quiet, but far from pretty. He wanted to design a house in such a way that it blends well with the neighboring houses in terms of size and shape, yet look distinctive and stylish in the existing streetscape. The architectural firm Cater Williamson accepted the challenge of designing a house within the client’s budget. The house has ground level and upper level. There is a small open area in front of the house. On ground level kitchen is centrally located with high ceilings. There is a home office, kitchen and dining area on the same level. Living area can be approached by stepping down three steps. It opens in a backyard in the rear of the house. The backyard has a covered shade used as laundry and wet area. Bedrooms and play area are upstairs giving privacy for restful sleep. Space is utilized efficiently to accommodate every need of the residents.

Interiors are done in a simple minimalist style. Furniture and rugs define the spaces for home office, dining area and living area. Interiors are mainly done in Rust and Navy Blue color pallet. Red and black colors are used as accent colors. Creatively designed pendant lamps hanging from the high ceiling above dining table illuminate the space. Prudent placement of windows and saw toothed roof lets in abundant natural light. Living room furniture is done in neutral colors with accent pillows. Walls are not covered with plaster. Exposed grey walls have bright red accent wall décor. The house looks stylish and elegant with tastefully designed interiors.

The Small House Design Staircase

small  />house design</b> staircase

The Small House Design Sitting Area

small house design sitting area

The Small House Design Side View

small house design side view

The Small House Design Rear View

small house design rear view

The Small House Design Pendant Lamps

small house design pendant

The Small House Design Main Entrance

small house design main entrance

The Small House Design Lower Level

small house design lower level

The Small House Design Living Room

small house design living room

The Small House Design Kitchen Dining Area

small house design kitchen dining

The Small House Design Home Office

small house design home office

The Small House Design High Ceiling

small house design high ceiling

The Small House Design Front View

small house design front view

The Small House Design Dining Space

small house design brightly lit dining area

The Small House Design

small house design