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Custom Made Designer Glass Doors With Intricate Designs

January 30, 2010

Designer glass panels can make your entrances, patio doors and interconnecting doorways look elegant and stylish. But if they are plain glass panels they may not look all that great. Sunlight via plain glasses may be stark and glaring to the eyes. Plain glasses do not provide privacy also. Frosted glass can be an option for assuring some privacy and filtering the sunlight also.
How nice it will be to have some designs on the glass panes. There are different ways of adding designs to the plain glass doors. You can paint it with temporary or permanent glass paint, you can affix design films which when dried up can give a new look. You can create floral designs or any designs with etching which is a permanent treatment. Decorative glass films are one way of making your plain glass panel look beautiful. It is a not permanent and it is not even fixed with adhesives so your glass is not affected any way at all. Decorative films are 8 mm- thick vinyl film with designs. These stick to the glass by static cling. Depending on the designs, it will give a stained glass look, frosted design glass and etched glass look.

Temporary paint and permanent paint also can be used to create designs on plain glasses. Acrylic glass paints can be used over a stenciled design for creating the designs on the glass. If you use a sealer over the design, it can be permanent. Permanent paint designs can be done with enamel glass paint. You can even create stained glass-like designs with special paints that are created just for that. Etching is another way to make plain glass look beautiful and exclusive. Professionally done etching can make a stunning impact on your home décor. Though there are Do it Yourself methods for creating etching on your glass, it is best to go for professionally created, machine etched glass panels for your entry ways and other door ways. Other places where you can use are for glass partitions that can make a style statement of your home.

Here you can see some artistically created glass doors from Casali – renowned decorated glass door manufacturers. These custom made glass doors with designs created by etching and other techniques make a style statement of your entry doors and increase the curb value of your home. With stylish hardware made of brushed steel, these doors add elegance and chic sophistication to your interiors.

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