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Colorful And Cute Looking Frosted Glass Sliding Doors

September 1, 2009

Sliding doors are now quite popular options for many homes especially for doorways leading out to the patios, decks of terraces. They add a contemporary touch to the décor as well being functional. A variety of options are available for you to choose depending on your preferences as well your needs and the location as well. Sliding doors are like accent accessories to your home décor. With clear glass panels, you can have excellent views of outside garden or any breathtaking sky-line views of the city. Sliding patio or terrace doors offer space optimization without eating into floor space. Depending on the location, your room layout and usage, you can even keep them open for more ventilation.

Sometimes these offer the only way to outside or balcony/terraces but sometimes these are more for ornamental purposes – especially if you have an additional door nearby. But whether it is for ornamental purpose or utility purpose, you need to go for high quality products and ensure that the sliding doors fit properly and function smoothly. Sliding doors can be of wood, aluminum, steel, glass, vinyl, fiber glass and other materials that are coated with vinyl and aluminum etc. Glass doors are the most popular due to their elegant and stunning looks. Especially when beautiful looking sliding glass doors are combined with the right kind of window treatments, you have a beautiful looking accent feature that can add to your home décor style quotient.
Sliding glass doors come with wooden frames, metal frames, wood-covered aluminum frames and fiberglass frames as well composite material frames. Doors which slide along tracks look pretty as well save space. Glass doors can be made more energy efficient with glazing. Painted glass and frosted glass are more popular options to provide privacy as well being elegant and beautiful.

You need to get the advice of your interior decorator before deciding on what will suit your personal needs and what will suit your home style best. You can check for automatic door opener options activated either by pressure sensors, infrared beams, and motion sensors etc along with safety sensor options for preventing collision. Here are some beautiful designer laminated doors from Foaporte. These are sliding glass doors with frosted glass assuring you of privacy and elegance at the same time. Look at the pretty pink colored glass door. You can customize sliding door to your specification by asking them to laminate as per your choice and also use a sandblasted frosted type of glass.

Pink Glass Frosted Door White Frosted Door
Pink Glass Frosted Door White Frosted Door

Orange Frosted Glass Design
Orange Frosted Glass Desig

Dew Drop Frost Glass Door
Dew Drop Frost Glass Door

Designer Frosted White Glass
Designer Frosted White Glass

Classy Frosted Door Design
Classy Frosted Door Design

Sliding Door Designs With Frosted Glass
frosted glass sliding door 1

Sliding Door Designs With Frosted Glass Look
frosted glass sliding door 2

Sliding Door Designs With Frosted Glass Designer Look
frosted glass sliding door 3

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