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Brighten Up with Decorative Mirrors For Wall Design

Mirrors as decor accents can be a surprising but wonderful addition to brighten up any room of your home. Yes, rethink their role and move them beyond your bedrooms and bathrooms. Mirrors are a convenient choice when you want to add a touch of elegance to your room.

Intricate Round Metal Mirror

intricate round metal mirror

Plain or decorative, mirrors are effective tools to add extra light and depth to a room. They can make small rooms look more spacious, and dark rooms more lit up. And what’s more, they are such easy additions. So it’s no wonder that increasingly mirrors are being included in decor themes as independent decor elements.

Vintage Twisted Metal Frame Mirror

vintage metal twisted frame mirror

One of the most popular places to hang mirrors is the hallway or entrance. A mirror kept there instantly adds a dimension of depth to the narrow space. Having one in the dining room or living room enhances and adds layers to the existing décor be it shabby chic or clean lines of minimalistic decor.

Lovely Sunburst Metal Mirror

lovely sunburst metal mirror

Choosing the size of the mirror depends on the size of the room, its purpose and of course the illusion you want it to create. A full length mirror is obviously useful in bedrooms, but not necessarily elsewhere. For example, it might be better to have a large mirror in a living room that reflects natural light and substantially illuminate it.

Lighted Twin Mirrors

lighted twin mirrors

Lovely decorative mirrors in an unbelievable array of shapes and material are available today. The best thing about mirrors is that you can get one custom-made to suit your decor. Frames are available in metal, wood, natural material like sea shells, rattan. Find the one that fits with you decor style – antique mirrors go with classical decor themes, while metal mirrors will gel well with modern look. Similarly mirror shapes also depend on your decor theme – round, oval, square. A number of unconventional shapes are also in vogue today – sunburst, fragmented etc.

Fragmented Frame Square Mirror

fragmented frame square mirror

Pay careful attention to what the mirror reflects – you don’t want it showing up something undesirable! Ideally, it must reflect other decor pieces, flowers or maybe a painting. Position it so that it captures and reflects light in an agreeable manner – you don’t want the glare shining into someone’s eyes!

Delicate Green Stone Square Mirror

delicate green stone square mirror

These elegant mirrors from Lumens make the point. The antique frames are perfect when you have an opulent classical decor in your room, while the steel finish is for modern decors. The lighted one would be a useful addition, wouldn’t it?
So go ahead, look for that mirror which will refresh and cheer up your room!

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