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Romantic And Lavish Spa Like Bathroom Designs

Creating special kind of bathrooms can be a little costly and time consuming. Now more and more people are realizing that bathrooms are not just places where you go to spend a few minutes refreshing yourself or having a bath. It is a personal place where you can create a magic world of spa like comforts that will make a new person out of you. But space is a must if you want to create a great ambiance and to build all the special features you want in your bathroom. A small size bathroom by itself is not a bad thing, but it is so difficult to accommodate a spacious bathtub inside a small bathroom. It is again difficult to place more than one vanity in a small size bathroom!

What are the things you may need to create a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom? If you have a spacious bathtub, that can be a start. It is a nice feeling to sink into the scented water of a bathtub. If you can have power hand showers and other options like horizontal showers in your bathtub, it is a great plus. But if you can have some small water feature in the center of which you can place your bathtub, it can be even better. Think of the luxury of a small pond like feature with the bathtub in the center! That can create an aura of great luxury and total relaxation.

Here are some of the options you can have to enhance the experience of your bathrooms. The spacious big bathroom with loungers and the great emerald like water feature looks spectacular. At the center is the bathtub with water spouts from the water feature falling into the water tub. The whole room reeks of serene and calm relaxation from this spa like bathroom.
Another bathroom is in an oceanfront home with clear glass windows offering stunning vistas of sun sand and seas. Inside the bathtub is provided with water spout like rain shower and the bathtub is situated within a larger water feature – like a small pool! The all wood décor and white bathtub look really stunning. The other rooms have sunk-in or free standing glass water bathtubs which look supremely comfortable and ready to provide the most relaxing rejuvenating and refreshing bath you can have at your home.

Lavish Bathroom Designs And Bathroom Interiors

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Luxurious Bathroom Designs And Bathroom Interiors

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Comfortable And Spa Like Bathroom Designs And Bathroom Interiors

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Lavish Bathroom Designs And Bathroom Interiors

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