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Beautiful And Classy Bedroom Designs

November 2, 2009

Bedrooms are crucial areas when you are decorating your home. Clutter free and classically minimalist décor is the most popular look today. The overall effect is for simplicity and elegance. No heavy ornate bed frames are deemed suitable for the small size homes and bedrooms. And less is considered beautiful and more fashionable. A set of designer bedroom furniture normally comprise a beautiful bed frame of the right size, nightstands matching it and a dresser. Wall units contain wardrobes either as a walk-in option or an alcove option. An accent sofa is added to match bed and table lamps or pedestal lamps are added for added effect. Most of the times, the rug is in matching color adding warmth.

Size of the room generally decides the size of your bed frame. When you have small rooms, low slung beds make a good choice as they do not over-dominate the décor. Head boards are customized with quilted and other patterned upholstered comfort. Some of the headboards are adjustable type so that you can lean back to watch a movie or read a book etc. Bedrooms in contemporary style homes are compact and need chic-looking furniture to give a clutter-free look. Nightstands also are mostly low-hung to match the bed in size and finish. Dressers can be big or small but always match the rest of the furniture; sometimes topped with a mirror or sometimes a separate vanity table is provided for dressing up.

Wall accents are created with either as a splash-back in different color, deeper shades or in different patterns of different sizes. Sometimes the whole wall is either painted in a pattern of stripes, floral or plain contrast shade. Sometimes smaller size strips are fixed to the wall behind the bed and also repeated if possible to add interest to the room. Wall hangings, paintings or large size mirrors are also used for accent focus. Here you can see some designer bedroom furniture from Mobileffe a renowned top-notch Italian furniture manufacturers. Look at the elegant platform beds of various designs with a variety of headboards, matching nightstands and dressers with the same hardware and other details. The overall effect is one of simple classic elegance. Look at the sophisticated looking purple back splash which matches bed and headboard, accent chair, nightstand and the ottoman. Area rugs and carpets add to the elegance and comfort of the room greatly!

Beautiful And Lavish Bedroom Design
beautiful attractive lavish bedroom design

Beautiful And Lavish Cream Bedroom Design
beautiful fresh cream bedroom design

Bedroom Interiors With Lavish Bed
beautiful grey bedroom design

Beautiful And Lavish Bedroom Design
beautiful grey lavish bedroom design

Bedroom Designs Ideas And Interiors
beautiful purple bedroom design

Beautiful And Lavish White Bedroom Design
beautiful white bedroom design

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4 Comments on “Beautiful And Classy Bedroom Designs”

  1. Chrstina says:

    I like your designs
    but i need help for my room because i am painting it purple and so i need help on modern designs
    and things that would help it look antique and beutiful!
    p.s. i am a girl just incase your wonderiin!

  2. jirah says:

    i like the designs…im just watching some designs from this website to have a tip for my house designing,p

  3. Calli says:

    where am i able to buy some of the furniture from?

  4. Dana says:

    I love he furnitures but i want to by some purple furniture. Its my favorite color so, anyway i would really like to know where i could get purple furnitures for my new room. :-P

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