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Enchant Your Child with Amazing Fantasy Beds

Mundane décor for your child’s bedroom can be so boring. With a little imagination, you can convert his space into a fun and exciting world. There are a number of ways to brighten up your little ones bedroom today – wall decals, interesting furniture, wall accessories and so much more. Fantasy or themed beds are a wonderful way to change the whole experience of the room. The bed can become the focal point of any theme you and your child wants to create.

Pirate Boat Bed for Boys

Pirate- boat-bed-for-boys

Fantasy Beds come with separate themes for boys and girls. The most popular beds for girls are in the Princess themes – Pink castles complete with curtains, ladders or slides, flags and pretty accessories. Others include floral themes, carriage beds, fairy tale cottages. Some common boys themes are castles or forts, trucks, fire engines, space shuttle and the much-loved tree-house theme.

Princes Chariot Bed With Personalisation

purple castle with loft bed

To pick the right bed, identify what gives the maximum joy and enjoyment – does your boy dream of becoming a fireman, or is he fascinated with oceans; does you girl adore Disney characters or would she rather prefer a tree house. Pick that which will enthral them for a few years, and build the room decor around it.

Pirate Themed Bed for Boys

pirate themed bed for boys

Fantasy Beds come as canopy beds, bunk beds or loft beds built in integrally with the theme. While some of them come as a unit encompassing the bed and a play area, other just provides sleeping areas. Loft beds and bunk bed designs are usually provided when the set includes a play area.

Pink Princess Daybed

pink princess daybed

Fantasy beds are available either off-the-shelves or can be custom-built. Popular themes like Princess, and castles are usually available readily, but others like trucks, boats, need to be ordered specially. As these beds are special and often have intricate work, they are much more expensive than normal beds.

Fort Bunk Bed with Slide

fort bunk bed with slide

If you would prefer something less expensive, you can add canopies or covers on the existing beds in combination with other accessories in the room to create the world of your choice in an affordable budget. A fantasy or themed bed is a visual delight that will turn the bedrooms magical.

Cute Pink Princess Castle

cute pink princess castle

Here are beds from Posh Tots, Sweet Retreat Kids and Totally Kids that can show the wonderful range of beds that are possible.

All Blue Fort Bed with Loft Bed & Play –Area

all-blue-fort-bed-with-loft-bed-&-play -area

There are beds in the ever-popular Princess Theme, Floral themes, pink castles that little girls will love. Beds shaped like boats, castles, trucks will fill boys with excitement. Every child wants to live his or her favourite fantasy – indulge your child with a fantasy bed that will make it come alive and thrill them for years to come. Your imagination, and theirs, is the limit!

Floral Themed Cottage Bed for Girls

floral themed cottage bed for girls

A Fashion Runway Bed for Girls

a fashion runway bed for girls

Purple Castle with Loft Bed

princes charioit bed with personalisation