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6 Cute Heart Themed Bedroom Ideas For Teenager Girls

February 22, 2010

If you are in the process or planning to design the décor for your children’s bedroom, spend a little time on the different elements in the room which can thrill your little one. Pretty themes like flowers, fantasy & princess and feminine colours like pink are popular with girls. Decorating your little girl’s bedroom in these can be great idea to reflect their likes and personality. An evergreen option is “hearts” – cute hearts have always been a favourite with girls. A soft-hearted romantic will love to have sweet hearts around her. If you are wondering how to do that, here are some suggestions- after all, you can’t have heart-shaped beds! Well, maybe if the designer is game!

Bed linen: Cushions, duvet, canopies are visible and so the best way to incorporate hearts in the room. Typically, it is best to choose one of them to be heart-shaped. All of them would be too overwhelming. Cushions are particularly suitable as they can be changed as and when you need.

Wall art: Paint stencils, wall decals or wallpaper – use any to add a touch of heart! Decals are a very convenient option as they can installed, removed or repositioned by you with ease. Ideally, pick one of the walls to have the hearts pattern so that that becomes the accent wall.

Floor rugs: Using rugs is another simple way to cheer up the room with hearts. A heart-shaped foot rug or carpet with hearts pattern, a floor rug is an instant focal point. Choose keeping in mind the ages of your child or children.
Room accessories: Ask your child to pick accessories like lamps, paintings, vases in heart-shapes to adorn the room; a relatively fuss-free way to personalize the room.

Accessory furniture: Heart-shaped ottomans or stools are a funky way to include hearts into the room! But you must realize that you cannot change this easily – so it’s a rather permanent décor element to add.
A judicious mix from these is bound to create a gorgeous room your little princess. Don’t forget to ask the opinion of the little one. She might have decided opinions you don’t want to ignore!

Take a look at these charming examples of bringing hearts theme to the room. Mixing in cute polka-dots, floral themes with heart-shaped cushions and cupboard handles, they make indeed make a pretty picture. So there you go – your imagination is the only limit is to bring your chosen theme alive!

Heart Shaped Bedroom Concept For Girls
heart themed kids room light light pink design

Heart Shaped Bedroom Concept For Teen Girls
heart themed kids room light green

Heart Shaped Bedroom Concept For Girls
heart themed kids room light fairy white design

Beautiful And Cute Heart Shaped Bedroom Concept For Girls
heart themed kids room in traditional styles

Heart Shaped Bedroom Concept For Teenager Girls
heart themed kids room in traditional style

Heart Shaped Bedroom Concept For Teenager Girls
heart themed kids room red polka dot design

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13 Comments on “6 Cute Heart Themed Bedroom Ideas For Teenager Girls”

  1. Richa says:

    My favorites are pictures 2 (definitely the best) and 5 and 6.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Priti says:

    All the designs r very rythemical n stylish with proper balance in color n design give an acute facility to person.I like all the design n balance between color n furniture.

  3. aysegul says:

    444.milyara aynısı vardı bende sürekli hasar meydana çlkardığı için artık mümkün değil…

    ireniyorum. hiçkimseye öner miyorum, alanlarda pişman olmasın ………………….
    pişmaniyede bu bir uyarımmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………………. çünkü

  4. vaalee says:

    me encantaron son muy hermosa todas la abitaciones me encantaron me encantaron yo quiero tener la primera la rosada la que sige d la rosada la calipso y todas las demas son muy geniales y muy cools

  5. mahasen says:

    nomber 1 &5&6

  6. maiar says:

    nomber 1 &3very much lovly my dreams is it

  7. Ambikay says:

    These are fabulous designs and absolutely gorgeous. I am going to have one for my girl. and i do hope it will give same look. or you can guide me if somebody can do it for me.


  8. isioma nwoko says:

    dey are beauty on dere own. hope i will be able to do my kids room like dat

  9. Thon Hnin says:

    These all designs are very pretty and amazing. I love it very much.

  10. annex says:

    I have never seen such a lovely bedroom for kids. its just wow i don’t know what to add to this,kudos! mwah…!

  11. DELA says:

    i lov it, i want to also be a good interior designer like you Dela frm Ghana

  12. angelshop says:

    real tight designs very cute but i don’t think thats what i will like yo do in my room they are all a bit too much like that white bedroom wow how can a kid maintain that but i love number 6 but it looked small i am not sure i saw the full picture

  13. nadhiya says:

    this designs are very good looking…. awesome….if i will get like this…i will sleep well with enjoy…. i loved it so much

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