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Cute Pink Bedroom Design For Teenager Girls

June 13, 2010

Once your little daughter moves into her teens there is a lot of care and pampering you would need to do. It is the most delicate period of their life and you need to be careful and take good care of them. It is an age where you bring in the romantic sense into her and one of the best ways to kick start that would be to decorate her bedroom with a romantic touch. The below Barbie theme decoration for teen’s bedroom designs is one such easy way to help your teen daughter grow with age and out of age from her childhood. The Pink Bedroom design or the pink teens bedroom furniture would make her love her room and help her spend as much time in her own room in her own house rather than diverting her mind to other non important stuff in the outside world. Apart from the beds a series of other soft toys pink wall papers, pink furniture and other decorative items adds to a feminine touch.

Cute Pink Bedroom Design And Decor
dark light pink bedroom

Cute Pink Bedroom Furniture For Teenager Girls
pink bedroom furniture designsbedroom furniture designs" title="pink bedroom furniture designs" />

Teenagers Girls Cute Pink Bedroom Designs
cute pink bedroom design

Beautiful Pink Bedroom Design Ideas
amazingly cute pink bedroom designs

Barbie Doll Concept Pink Bedroom
pink side table wall paper barbie doll theme

Barbie Doll Theme Bedroom Design And Decor
pink book shelves barbie doll theme

Barbie Doll Teenager Bedroom Furniture Ideas
pink barbie doll teen bedroom furniture

Cute Barbie Doll Pillow And Furnniture
cozy pink barbie doll pillow

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25 Comments on “Cute Pink Bedroom Design For Teenager Girls”

  1. down comforter says:

    Those are really cute rooms for girls, i wish i had one when i was a little girl.

  2. milad says:

    pink is really perfect for kid’s bedroom.fabulous!

  3. Veronica says:

    Where can I find babrie furniture shown in this article?

  4. raghu says:

    hai friend meet to the my mobile no – 09047754312.

  5. wow says:

    how… or why would TEENAGERS do this to their rooms? must have mental problems. i mean, i would hate to walk into a 17 year old girls’ room and find nothing but pink and barbie wallpaper…

  6. srividhya says:


  7. dimpy says:

    i really like it..its osam..n hope i would hv it!!

  8. me says:

    woah, gosh, who in their right mind would give their kid that stupid bedroom? BARBIE IS FOR BABIES!

  9. dufie adubofour says:

    oh i love all off dem

  10. laura says:

    um where can we buy the barbie bed???

  11. samuel says:

    even though i am a boy i love this

  12. Caitie says:

    well i love all of them but i wouldn’t really like my room to look like that cuz im almost 12……

  13. Oranon says:

    I love the pink ones….

  14. kate says:

    wow!!!! I SERIOUSLY LOVE IT !

  15. Victory says:

    I love the cute girls room design. It so cute, I want a room like that. So soon I will do my room like that. Wish me luck. Love: Victory. Hot!

  16. zeina awad says:

    well , i like it so much .
    i would know much better about it because i am interrested to buy it for my little princess

  17. yashika says:

    awesome yaaar alll above r superb

  18. nicole says:

    cute bedroom i make one thanks for the idea

  19. Jessica says:

    Oh my god, that barbie room is adorable! The first one though was a little obnoxious lol. I did my daughters room pink and black for her birthday, but we did more of a french theme. It’s soo cute.

  20. ariane says:

    that was a very lovely and amazing bedroom..especially tthe hello kitty bedroom.. i love it so much! someday i will make my own design for my future house.. lol!

  21. rimsy says:

    I hav been amusing myself watching these beautiful pics of girl’s bedrooms for the past 4-5 years.. n now finalyy going to hav one lyk tht…in my new house…loving it<3

  22. cookie says:

    Loving the red room one of my dreams

  23. Jj loves hellokitty says:

    The hello kitty one is adorable I know what my room is gonna look like

  24. saraban tohura says:

    i love this bed room

  25. prathyusha says:

    i love pink.i wish in future my bed room will look like this…..

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