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Attractive And Elegant Living Room Design Ideas

Shown below is a post which contains images of various living areas that I have come across. These designs are not created by any specific designer but are a mixture of designs by many interior decorators. This post is meant for giving you ideas for decorating your own living room. It is the most important aspect of you house. Any guest or friends who come home are always seated in the living room hence to have a living room design which is decorated the best to create a charismatic impression of your friends.

The placement of furniture in the living decor is the utmost important aspect. Be it the elegant sofas, beautiful table lamps, Contemporary ceiling fans, the color of the living room concepts, combination of walls and the materials and color of the sofa the carpets and thrown away rugs and many more which could help you to design you own room interior. Many a times we have seen that people have fireplaces too in order to make their living area more warm and romantic. Electric heaters for your home are indeed a very good idea specially if you stay in a city where the winters are rough.

Another beautiful idea to add an appealing touch is to have a huge fish tank or some kind of pet house obviously with a pet. It does add to the beauty of the living room. You could have turtles in a huge water tank or a cute dog house in one corner of the living room or many a times people prefer having cat houses too.

Below are ideas which are mostly the lavish and luxurious ones. The classy interiors shown below are actually taken from residence of various celebrities and other big shot people. Please view the images and feel free to comment on something which you would want other to know too.

Living Room Furniture Ideas Modern Minimalist Furniture

modern minimalist furniture living room ideas

Living Room Design Furniture Ideas Modern Minimalist Furniture

modern minimalist furniture living room design

Living Room Designs – Rich And Modern Design

modern contemporary rich living room decor

Living Room Design Ideas With Fire Place And Dining Room

living room dining room with fire place interiors

Elegant And Glamorous Living Room Designs Ideas

elegant glamourous living room decor interiors

Rich And Lavish Living Room Design Ideas

classy rich stone finish living room ideas

Attractive And Elegant Living Room Furniture Ideas

attractive  />living room design</b> decor ideas