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Add Sophistication with Glass Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are today an integral part of any living room. Placed in front of the sofa, a coffee table is handy to store books, keep flowers or drinks and to even put up your feet! With its many uses, coffee tables are very useful additions to your living room. Not only that, they are often the centrepiece of the room, and so play an important role to enhance the visual appeal. Coffee Tables are normally placed in the corners of a room or right in the middle of the living room and a good designer glass table or coffee table can uplift the entire look and feel of the living room design and furniture.

Unique Glass Coffee Furniture Table

unique glass coffee table furniture design

Small Smoked Glass Nest of Tables

small smoked glass nest of tables

Coffee tables were introduced in United Kingdom over 200 years ago. They were initially thought of as an extension of traditional table, but its versatility and utility has made it popular as a stand-alone piece of furniture.

Simple But Useful Mobile Glass Coffee Table

simple mobile glass coffee table

Originally designed as low rectangular tables, glass tables or coffee table are now available in a variety of shapes – squares, round, rectangular, oval and more. Wood is still the most common material used, but today, a lot of unique designs are available using, pure glass, metal & wood combination or glass & wood combination’s, even deadwood!

Low Glass Rectangular Coffee Table with Shelf

low glass rectangular coffee table with shelf

Glass coffee tables are an elegant and delicate option. They are especially a wonderful choice for a contemporary décor theme. Their simple, clean and minimalistic lines give a sophisticated touch to the room.

Large Clear Nest of 3 Tables

large clear nest of 3 tables

Glass coffee tables are available in a variety of shapes, from square to oval to curve with fluid lines. There are also cute nesting tables available. Choose the shape and size based on your sofa style and dimensions – allow at least 15 inches margin between the edge of the sofa and the table so as have comfortable spacing. With the large variety available today, there is no doubt you can find that perfect piece for your living room. Remember to buy tables made of toughed glass, otherwise they will shatter and break easily

Elegant Glass Rectangular Curved Coffee Table

elegant glass rectangular curved coffee Table

Style the glass table with flowers or candles – but take care not to crowd the table and ruin the clean look. Since glass tops are susceptible to scratches, you might want to consider adding a table runner lengthwise to protect it. Cleaning the glass tables can be tricky – glass accumulates smudges and prints in addition to dust. So clean them regularly with water and vinegar. To clean without streaks, wipe the surface with a newspaper. This routine will surely leave your glass table spotless and gleaming.

Glamourous Smoked Black Glass Coffee Table

glamourous smoked black glass coffee table

So go ahead, add class to your living room with glass coffee tables. Get inspired from these tables from The Furniture Market. Apart from usual clear glass finish, there are lovely black glass options that provide glamour, and mobile table that offers additional convenience.

Stylish Glass Coffee Table – Living Room Design

stylish glass coffee tables

Designer Red Coffee Table – Living Room Design

red cofee tables

Designer Coffee Table – Living Room Design

designer coffee tables

Stylish Coffee Table – Living Room Design

coffee glass tables

Classy Coffee Table – Living Room Design

classy stand glass tables

Living Room Designer Coffee Table

classy glass table living room