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Lovely Media Furniture

TV has become an integral part of our life. Right from catching news headlines to interesting trivia on latest flicks and hottest celebrities, TV has become the most essential entertainment provider in our homes. Though people are building separate media room and entertainment room in their homes separately if they have a big house, TV in the living room has become a regular feature in all our homes.

Gone are the days when TV units were small. People love to watch movies and sports channels on bigger screens. Today LCD TV units have flat and large size screens. Correspondingly you need to have sufficient space to accommodate these big size TV units along with DVD players, disks and other paraphernalia like remotes, game console ports and other items.

Having a TV stand or an armoire is a good idea. Just a low or medium height stand with shelves underneath for holding all the media equipment etc with built-in power cables and other plug points and lights etc will be sufficient. As the TV comes with adjustable rotating stand, it can be tilted side to side to suit the convenience of the family members watching the show.

Other way to house the TV is to make the wall display unit double as media entertainment console. Typically a large portion of the wall unit is reserved for housing the TV and its components. Other shelves for display purposes and arranging books etc are built around the TV shelf. TV remains the focus of living room with other display items around it.

Some times the TV is housed in the center with two separate shelves on either side or TV is kept to one side of the shelf with display shelves on the other side. With an open shelf for housing the TV, some wall units have doors for the cabinets around for storage purposes. Some of the wall units sport open shelves so that all the shelves can be used as display units.

Once you have a wall supported display unit or a separate low slung TV armoire for placing the TV, you need to check for suitable chairs to use when you are watching the TV. In small homes most of the times, the main seating area faces the wall unit, so you will have the living room sofas. Otherwise you can arrange for accent chairs to be used as media chairs for watching your favorite show. Here are some interesting looking TV display units from Ebony Gautier.

Low Slung Open TV Stand in White

Two Level TV Armoire with Drawer

Vibrant Looking TV Armoire Matching Room Decor

TV Wall Unit and Display Shelf in Wood

Corner TV Unit with Open Type Curio Shelf

Wall Unit in Light Gray Matching Deeper Wall Color

TV Unit in Coffee Brown with Matching Sideboard

TV Unit in Wood with Shelves

Simple Open Shelf in White for TV Books

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