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12 Stylish And Classy Metallic Furniture Designs

Move away from the regular furniture and add drama to your home with metallic decor. Including metal decorations has been long favoured for ornate embellishment, especially in places like royal palaces of yore. But today, metals can be added in a variety of ways to any decor.

The gold cabinets is lavish, and would make any room look gorgeous. The chairs and tables with their extremely clean and pared-down look make an elegant addition to any room. So heres how you can increase the glam factor of your home with metallic decor!

Gorgeous Gold Door Cabinet Combined With White Oak

gorgeous gold door cabinet combined with white oak

Initially restricted for outdoor, the rising popularity of clean, sleek and minimalistic style for a clutter-free look has made metal furniture a regular indoor feature as well. And it particularly has been a favourite element of contemporary decor. But things are not just limited to furniture made in metal!

Large Silver Cabinet with Silver Leaf Doors

large silver cabinent with silver leaf doors

Metallic decor features interesting elements like mirrors, mirrored cabinets, silver or gold-glided furniture, or even mirror tiles. While some use only one metal, many pieces have mixed metals like gold and silver for a striking effect. Other metals used generally are aluminum, chrome and steel.

Sleek Mirrored Cabinet

sleek mirrorer cabinet

Plain or filigreed, metallic finish makes any space look dramatic. You can choose to be subtle or go bold. Decide on what will fit in best with the current decor – if you have a classic style, then antiquated designs are best in copper, pewter or wrought iron; for fitting into a modern look, choose clean-cut and unfussy designs.

Leather with Chrome Chair Set

leather with chrome chair set

Since pieces completely in metal can look severe or too ornate, the trend today is to have simple touches of metal finish. These bring a sparkle without being overwhelming. So if you want to avoid an over-the-top look, choose metal finishes for your furniture. Use furnishing (curtains, throws, decorative pillows) to either give relief and thus, accentuate the look. Or add decorative accents like antique mirrors (or any mirror with metal frames), metal sculptures, metallic wallpapers. So you build a layered look with as much metallic accents as you are comfortable with.

Distressed Silver Finish Doors

distressed silver finish doors

Furniture that combine wood and metal together are a wonderful option as they bring out the contrast. You can have cabinets with doors in silver or gold leaf gilding. Chrome frame or feet is a popular choice for sofas and tables (both dining and coffee tables). Cabinets with gilded doors, or lounge chairs made of chrome are other alternatives.

Cabinet with Silver Leaf Doors

cabinet with silver leaf doors

Using metallics is a sure-shot way to make your living room attention grabbing. Italian brand Riflessisr has some stunning pieces. There are amazing cabinet with silver leaf finish, distressed silver finish.

Chrome Table with Black Glass Top

chrome table with black glass top

Glass and Chrome Finish Dining Chair

Glass and Chrome Finish Dining Chair

Wooden Metalic Designer Chair

wooden metalic designer chair

Luxurious Metallic Glass Chair

metalic chrome glass chair

Luxurious Chrome Chair With Metallic Base

lavish luxurious chair metallic base

Beautiful Rocking Chair With Metallic Base

beautiful rocking chair metalic base