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Red and White Living Room Designs

Color has an effect on all things in our home and all things we do. Interior décor and interior decorating are also greatly influenced by color. Color has an effect on our moods. We need soothing colors for our bedroom where we want peace and quiet. We want colors that can make you feel cheerful and contented in our kitchen and dining area – colors that will make for happy times while we eat or cook.

We want to choose special colors for living room. Living rooms are where the family spends major part of the daytime while they are home. You cannot have drab and dreary looking colors for living room – you need something that will make it warm and welcoming looking to the guests and friends. It should be comfortable and cool so that family members feel relaxed and feel happy staying here.

What is a good starting point for choosing the colors for living room? Actually if you are very fond of a wall painting or a wall decal in your living room, you can keep that as the focal point and weave the magic of color around it. If your upholstery is in red color, you can get the drapes to match it and wall color in a shade that will complement your upholstery.

Another option can be using two colors; one warm and one cool and combine to give a stunning overall effect. Any color – even deep shades – can look elegant and sophisticated when you are combining it with some smart and stylish naturals. You can even add another color to make it perfectly balanced and for a beautifully and harmoniously blended effect. Red is the color of romance and passion and combines well with white and beige. White colored wall décor can set off red upholstery very effectively.
Here are some contemporary living rooms in red and white. Here in these images you can see varied combinations of read and white to great effect. Look how vivid colored is the red flooring, perfectly matched with a wall hanging and set off effectively with white wall décor. White and wood are enlivened with splashes of red accent very beautifully. With red geometrical rug as focal point of the décor, different tones of white create a layered look. Hope you like these red-white rooms?

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