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When a bed just wont do

Fashion is not something which is restricted just to the garments we wear. It encompasses all aspects of our lives and various fashions come and go in how we ‘dress up’ our homes, the way we prefer our rooms to look and the furniture we choose to have.

So, while in the past home-owners looked to have a separate dining room, for example, now the trend is more for kitchen/dining rooms, en suite bathrooms and outdoor living space with spruced up gardens and nice garden furniture.

This also lends itself to the furniture we choose inside a house and making sure each piece ‘earns’ its space within the home. With space often at a premium, this is where multi-functional pieces come into their own and provide additional features without compromising on space.

Sofa beds are a great example of this. In the past, people may have made do with a spare mattress on the floor, a blow up bed or a rollaway bed which threatened to snap shut with the hapless sleeper inside.

But a sofa bed that can offer stylish good looks as well as be transformed into comfortable well supported bed has become a must for many homes. Guests no longer feel they are such an inconvenience as a sofa bed quickly changes into a full size bed providing a welcome place to sleep and rest.

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