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All Purpose Wall Units for Attractive Living Room Decor

Small homes are here to stay. With increasing demand for living space, homes are getting smaller and room sizes are getting more compact. Living rooms need to be all purpose rooms, as media rooms, as reading rooms, as drawing rooms to entertain visitors and as the main living area where the family spends most of the day light hours together.

With increasing space crunch, living rooms need to provide storage space where you can stash your books, music collection and curio and artifact collection and provide space for your multimedia and TV/DVD/LCD/game console paraphernalia and other home theater related stuff. You need to plan well ahead during design stage to allot area for building a wall unit that is built in or stand alone.

A stand alone wall unit can serve as good as a built-in wall unit. Built in wall units may need to be accommodated in a niche already planned and built during the time of construction. A stand alone wall unit can be planned any day after measuring the area available and calculating where it can best serve the room aesthetically as well utility-wise.

Many homes benefit with a wall-to-wall size wall unit that can take up along the length of an entire wall using both cabinet type shelves with doors and open floating type shelves. Also today most of the wall units are from ground level to ceiling so that all vertical space is utilized. Most of the top areas are reserved for cabinets with doors where you can stash stuff you do not need on a daily basis.

Most of the shelves are made of wood – engineered wood mostly or bamboo/cane boards. Some shelves use glass for the open shelves and use wood for cabinets. Low hung media consoles are used for housing the TV with shelves with glass doors for the storing things. White, black and wood are the most popular finishes used for slats as well cabinet doors.

Here you can see the images of a number of living room wall units from Colombini Casa
. Some are full size shelves using both cabinets with shutters as well open floating type shelves. Some of the floating shelves are glass slabs and some are wooden slats. These are all wall supported and do not occupy precious floor space cluttering the room unnecessarily. White, black/brown and wood finish veneer are used to get the most elegant look. Which is your favorite?

White Wall Supported Hanging Media Shelf


White, Wood and Glass Shelves


Shelves and Wall Cabinets in White


Open Shelves with Cabinets at Center


Media Console Made of Brown and White


Lovely Looking Open Media Cabinet


Green Chair Facing Compact Media Unit


Elegant Living Room Storage System


Black, White and a Touch of Teal Décor


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