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The Floating Shack House Design with Stylish Interiors

The Floating Shack house is a single family house designed for the owners of the Emerald Art Glass Factory, located at Pittsburgh, USA. It is the longest cantilevered structure that floats above the glass factory like a foreman’s shack. It extends out three times more than the Falling Water. The Falling Water is a masterpiece designed by the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in rural southwestern Pennsylvania. It was a weekend home for the Kaufmann family, built partially over a waterfall. Frank Lloyd Wright extensively used cantilevered galleries to capture the surrounding beauty. The Falling Water house is one of the 28 places listed by the Smithsonian’s Life List as ‘to visit before you die.’ It is considered as the best American Architecture work. Now the house is open to public as a museum. Everyday thousands of tourists visit the Falling Water house.

The floating shack house or Emerald Art Glass house is designed by the Fisher Architecture. Emerald Art Glass manufactures stained glass and architectural glass pieces including glass shower cubicles, etched glass doors, tempered glass walls, textured glass counter and sinks, custom made mirrors etc. The owner of the factory wanted a residential facility similar to a foreman’s shack above his manufacturing unit. The architects have done wonderful job by designing a steel clad horizontal structure hanging precariously over a concrete block. Site area for the shack is 2400 sq feet and built up area is 3700 sq feet. The steel framed house is firmly clasped using flat lock seamed Cor 10 panels over the concrete base. The horizontal structure is designed in such a way that it aligns with the suburban slopes connecting to the downtown. It also relates to the vertical design of the US Steel tower looming in the horizons. US Steel tower is the tallest skyscraper in Pittsburgh offering office space to thousands of businesses.

The shack is divided into two sections. One is the concrete base and the other is extended horizontal structure fixed over the concrete block. The concrete block contains garage, workshop, gymnasium and a guest bedroom. The horizontal steel structure upstairs contains living area, open kitchen and master bedroom. Glass wall on the sides of the living room make it comfortably warm and bright with natural light. Bamboo floored living area has butted glass façade at the other end. From inside it gives the view of the downtown and from outside it works as a sign for the glass factory. Master bedroom can be reached through a small series of stairs above the kitchen. The interiors of the shack are stylish and minimalist. It is a cozy and comfortable living place in downtown area.

The Floating Shack House Design Exterior View

floating shack house exterior view

The Floating Shack House Design Surroundings

floating shack house surroundings

The Floating Shack House Design Staircase

floating shack house staircase design

The Floating Shack House Design Clasped Steel Structure

floating shack house shingled steel structure

The Floating Shack House Design Open Kitchen

floating shack house open kitchen

The Floating Shack House Horizontal Design

floating shack house horizontal design

The Floating Shack House Design Glass Facade

floating shack house butted glass facade

The Floating Shack House Design Bamboo Floors Glass Walls

floating shack house bamboo floors glass walls

The Floating Shack House Design View between the Walls

floating shack house view between the walls