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Breathtaking Tropical Dream House With Luxurious Interiors And Exteriors

Casa Ron Ron is the unique name given to this beautifully built mansion. It has been designed completely by Victor Cañas studio and it surely is one of those dream houses that nobody could every forget. The location, situated in a long narrow field in Costa Rica overlooking the sea, the volcanoes and the breathtaking [...]

Concrete Home From Outside But Lavish And Luxurious Inside, New Zealand

These lavish and luxurious home interiors are the work of the great Stevens Lawsons Architects and this architecture overlooks the Browns Island in New Zealand. When you look at the house exteriors you shall surely find them unique but you would least find it comfortable or cozy. If you do not find it comfortable then [...]

Gorgeous Dream House Interiors On West Hollywood Hills

The below dream house is located in West Hollywood hills and a single view of it from outside and you would not be able to restrict a visit inside. It is a palace built on 10,000 square feet of land and has modern artistic architecture and interior design by none other than the very fabulous [...]

Lavish And Luxurious Wooden Hill Top Dream House

The Hilltop House shown below is one of the best houses I have come across on the web. It looks extremely luxurious but honestly it isn’t, meaning there has not been too much of green spent. It is located just north of San Diego. The most stunning features pf the house mind blowing views, lovely [...]

Lavish Luxurious Contemporary House In California

The luxurious yet contemporary home design shown below is called the Evans Residence and has been designed by bittonidesign studio. It is one of those houses that are located in shiny California quite above the city level. Thanks to that it has amazing outdoor patios that feature amazing views from all round the house. The [...]

Modern Interior Design Ideas Of A Stone House

This stone house design may look cool but it has interiors and designs of very warm quality. The interiors are mostly made up of exposed concrete and limestone with natural wood beams and it has open ceiling to see the countryside. In this design it feels like the architecture of the building meets nature in [...]